Tracking and Race Plan

I posted a twitter link to the right sidebar that will include race updates but it looks like they actually are going to have tracking too:

I am bib 1670!

Detailed Race Plan Below so I can be held accountable afterwords :)

I talked to Coach G Tuesday and he confirmed he thinks I can run a 3:05. He wants me to make sure I don't go out too fast. He recommended 7:10 pace the first few miles.

Looking at some other splits from the past I think going out around 7:10 for the first 2-3 miles then trying to run 7:04 pace through 20-23 and see what kind of kick I have is the strategy.

I am going to wear the garmin, mostly to keep from going too fast early. After that just to keep an eye on the average pace. It seems to get off since there are water stops etc. If it stays around 7 pace I will likely finish with a 7:04ish pace officially. But I will be happy with anything under 3:10 so if I am not feeling 7:04 pace then I am not going to force it. I usually don't worry about each individual mile. I usually focus on the 5, 10, half, 15, and 20 mile splits. I plan to take a gel at 12,16, and 20. Water every 2 miles starting at mile 6. And 5 electrolyte pills spaced out through the day.

Coach wants me to treat it like a regular Sunday run and just run how I feel. He also told me to keep my mouth shut and save energy :) (He knows me too well now!)

Other things I will try to tune into to make sure the goal is achievable are just staying relaxed and confident, trying to get into an efficient stride right off the bat, not waste too much energy. In the later miles I tend to slouch and raise my arms so I want to remember to relax, stand up straight, and keep my arms at my sides. If there are any hills I just need to be sure to keep the strides short up them and not slouch.

I want to do a quick warm up before the race. It is going to be cold and my shins tend to get tight if I don't ease into things so I will probably jog a mile and do a few marathon pace strides hopefully finish 5-10 minutes before the start. I can't remember what the start is like and if that will leave me time to get to my start place or not, but hopefully it will!


The Salty One said...

Gooooooooooood luck! I'll be cheering for you! Relax now and let your body do what it's trained to do--run a great marathon! Can't wait to track you on Sunday morning!!!

Mike said...

Good luck! Thanks for sharing all the training, the ups and the downs. For the most part it sounds like it's gone really well, you'll do great this weekend!

Mark said...

Sounds good! Good luck!!

jeff said...

best wishes for a solid race, e!

duchossois said...

You're going to have a good day in Columbus. I like everything I read about the strategy. Work hard on Sunday morning, and celebrate the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

Have a great race and enjoy it, E!
You've done the training, been given great advice by your friends and coach, and you are a marathon veteran, so you know what it's all about.
I'll be tracking you too and pulling for you to have that great race you've worked hard for!
I know you'll be tough as nails on race day! Godspeed E-Speed!
Tony Harbert

marathon mommy said...

Good luck! I've been following your training and I think sub 3:10 is a very reasonable goal. Now it's time to execute - go for it!

Kate said...

Just saw the results E. WGREAT work! Just WOW! Can't wait for full details- you must be over the moon!