Week 19

This week was mostly easier paced running to recover from the Buckeye half, get fresh to pace the air force half Saturday, and to mentally recharge. My stomach has been upset since Wednesday the 9th and I am hoping I am finally getting over it, let's just say it hasn't been pleasant and came to a real head Friday night when I topped that off with a migraine at the pasta dinner and pacing meeting.

Last Saturday I purchased the Garmin 310XT, so happy to not have to guesstimate my mileage anymore after several months without the Garmin!

After feeling pretty toasted doing the push up workout Tuesday night I decided to back off on the challenge until after the marathon. Winter seems like a better time to try and work on my upper body and core.

Thursday night I finally got back to yoga after an almost 3 month hiatus. We did a lot of hip openers and boy did I need it!

September 14th-20th- 65 miles
Monday- 4.2 recovery miles 8:52 pace
Tuesday- 7.55 miles track, 90 push ups
Wednesday-7 miles easy at lunch 8:38 pace, 6 miles easy on the towpath in the evening 8:46 pace
Thursday- 8.21 miles including tempo and pacing practice, evening yoga 60 minutes
Friday- 7 miles easy 8:31 pace
Saturday- 1:40:30 pacing at Air Force Half Marathon
Sunday- 12 miles 7:41 pace

Key workouts:

Tuesday Track:

Track workout was a little up in the air depending on how I felt post race, we decided to do 4*1200 with a ladder effort. Goal last time we did this workout was 4:35, 4:30, 4:25, 4:20, this time just go by how I felt. Well I didn't feel all that great so it didn't go as well as I would have hoped but still a good hard effort.

4:37.75 (3:00.43)
4:33.45 (3:00.87)
4:28.00 (2:59.35)


Instructed not to do anything under 7:38 the rest of the week after Tuesday's workout except for 2 miles at 7-7:10 pace followed by 3+ at 7:38 pace to practice on Thursday. My legs were absolutely thrashed Thursday even though they felt fine Wednesday night. Paces weren't an issue, but my legs were definitely not happy.


Saturday Pacing:

Legs felt absolutely fantastic, I am chalking it up to yoga and Friday's ice bath.

Sunday Medium Long Run:

What a difference a day makes. It was a struggle to hold 7:40 pace this morning for sure. Just did not feel fresh despite the beautiful weather. Had to make an emergency stomach stop at Bob Evans around mile 11 and a glance in the mirror confirmed I looked like death warmed over. Feeling much better after a post run breakfast and ice bath. Now time to put my feet up for a bit and rest before another week of training!

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