Pacing Akron 3:40 Group This Weekend

Last years Faux Hawk

Looking forward to seeing many friends out at the Akron Road Runner Marathon this weekend!

I will be pacing the 3:40 group and hoping to help a lot of young women (as well as some older men!) make it to Boston!

Probably have too much hair to go with the Faux Hawk again this year but I promise to bring enthusiasm and high spirits for the duration of the race!

Stop by the expo and sign up for a pace group! It is going to be a lot of fun!

Meep Meep!

Last years Akron Pace Team


duchossois said...

See you at the Expo. Remember, bring 'em in early, not late. ;-)

Mark said...

How cool! Have fun!!!

DrT said...

I am an older man, in need of good company in my 2nd Akron marathon :) My time goal is around 3:45 so I will join your group... See you Saturday!

Hopeinator said...

My race strategy for yesterday was a bit different. I knew I couldn't stay with the 3:40 pace group the entire race (hadn't trained for that speed), but wanted to stay as long as I could. I want to qualify for Boston within a year.

I stayed with your group for 15 miles. Elizabeth, you are a gifted runner, fabulous pacer, and true motivator. You were so kind. You were so accurate. You kept me hanging in there longer than I thought possible. I truly hope when I do try and qualify for Boston you are my pace leader! Again, thank you for taking that job seriously and for motiving so many runners. You are good!!!

Run for fun,
Hope Magnus