Week 18

Only 5 weeks to Columbus and I am starting to get my "crazy" on mentally. I've done a lot of hard work the past 18 weeks and I am really hoping it pays off at Columbus. Self doubt is starting to creep in. My past two marathons (Boston and Richmond) haven't gone quite as planned so obviously it would be nice to have a great day at Columbus.

The good news is that I have significantly taken down my PRs in every distance I have raced this year so even if Columbus doesn't go as planned I won't be as let down as I was after Richmond last year when that was the only focus.

I feel like I am in a similar position as I was before Boston this year though. My long runs have been going well, my track workouts have been going well, my short races have been going well, but the tempos are this big question mark. We haven't been setting very aggressive paces on these and although all of them had gone well up until the past few weeks, those few poor workouts and the fact that the pace isn't really my half marathon pace have me doubting my ability to hold my desired marathon pace the whole race. But I still have 2-3 more weeks of quality training before taper so let's hope I get it together and get mentally (and physically) pumped up for the marathon!

This was a back off week to try and rejuvenate my wrecked legs and be at least semi fresh for Buckeye Half.

*At my massage appointment she mentioned my psoas muscle is weak. In an effort to try and strengthen that I have been taking the stairs at work two at a time. Not sure if it is doing anything but leaving me winded as I get to the office :)

I also have been trying to get in at least one ice bath a week now since obviously I am needing a bit more recovery. On top of that I am ordering some Endurox so that I can hopefully do a better job of replenishing nutrition more quickly after my track workouts. Hoping all of these little extra things will keep me healthy for the next 5 weeks and that I can keep up the mid week quality work.

September 7th-13th 56 Miles
Monday- Rest (26 push ups to determine push up program for the week)
Tuesday-Track 9 Miles, 80 push ups
Wednesday- 10 miles 8:44 pace
Thursday- 8 miles, 100 push ups
Friday-6 miles 9 minute pace
Saturday- 4 strides and 3 miles easy 8:40 pace
Sunday- 2.63 mile warm up, Buckeye Half Marathon, 4 mile cool down, 120 push ups

Key Workouts

Tuesday Track

2* (2*800, 2*400) followed by one mile at half marathon pace

2:56.50 (2:00.35)
2:54.82 (2:01.71)
1:25.49 (1:28.95)
1:24.36 (2:04.98)
2:53.96 (2:04.57)
2:54.03 (2:03.79)
1:23.20 (1:32.79)
1:21.80 (3:06.21)

Thursday "Tempo"

I was still feeling ragged at the start of this week so I asked coach to back it off, do a mini "taper" for the Buckeye Half on Sunday and I originally wanted to bag the tempo all together. Instead I got an email to do only 5 miles at 7:10-7:20 pace, and then a bit later coach decided to revise that to 7:20-7:30. Here is where I realize how crazy I am. Beginning of the week I don't want to do a tempo at all. By the time the tempo rolls around I am thinking what is the point of running 7:20-7:30 when that isn't even desired marathon pace. I end up screwing up my starting point and don't realize what I did until a little over a mile in. I was aiming for a mildly aggressive effort figuring that would be the right range. Turns out it was closer to 7:10 and so I just went with it. Blatantly ignoring the goal and knowingly running closer to 7 and 7:10.

6:35.60 (screwed up starting point tack on last 33 to this for mile)

Buckeye Half

This may be my last "long" fast effort since this weekend will be pacing Air Force Half 1:40 group (7:38) and the following weekend pacing Akron Full 3:40 (8:24 pace) so I really wanted to make this effort count.

I'll follow up with a race report shortly. Short story A goal was to hold the same pace as I did at perfect 10. Didn't reach the goal but still managed to better my Cleveland time by one minute and that is in line with the same fitness level as Perfect 10. If you can't have improvement it is at least good to stay at the same level rather than fall back! Given how ragged I have been feeling I am happy with it.


Thomas said...

A series of PRs is the best indicator you could wish for. I have predicted a while ago, and am happy to do so again, that you're about to break into a new level in the marathon.

DaisyDuc said...

Trust in yourself! Given all the hard workouts you have been putting in, it is no wonder you feel beat up from time to time!