Air Force Recap In Photos

Photo credit: Brightroom Photography

A big Happy 1:40 Group

More Happy Halfers

Group still holding strong

Happy Pace Leader Right on Target

Group is starting to feel it a bit

Hey I'm Still happy, but there's some wind now

Starting to send those with legs ahead now and starting to lose some of the group

Heading into the finish

Yeah this has got to be closest to the pin worthy

What the heck?

Did you see that?

Oh my god I went over!


A review of the others pacers confirms that only one pacer was under the goal Saturday. Just goes to show we are only as good as the mile markers. Having the mile 13 marker at 12.9 caused all of us to go a bit over the goal. Thankful I was still within 30 seconds and the two ladies I pulled into the finish with me were still ecstatic as well as many that pulled ahead or fell a little behind.

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Irene said...

Great photos!

Yep, when those mile markers are off or non existent, it sort of messes things up!

I would have been jumping for joy with a time like that. ;)