Cinco De Mayo Run for the Border

For a serious race report check out two posts below to read about my half marathon race from Sunday, if you prefer races of the fun variety with crazy photos look no further than here :)

Two days after Flying Pig was Cinco De Mayo and last year I found out I missed out on a fun new team event downtown put on by Hermes. The race involves check points, no set course, maracas, sombreros, tequila shots, and corona chugging. AKA my kind of fun: running, partying, drinking, sounds good to me! I was not about to miss this race this year even if I did just pace a marathon. So I found a buddy and we teamed up to form the Sassy and Speedy Senoritas Team. We decided on hot pink outfits to match and the plan was to run hard but just have fun.

First stop was Rock N Roll Hall of Fame where we received our Sombreros. We were hauling along at a pretty good pace and I was surprised my legs had any speed in them. JP was running smooth so we pushed on to our next stop at Hermes to get our Maracas. We had to wait in short lines at each stop but we were flying by lots of other teams who had a head start on us. Next stop was Zocalo on E 4th for a shot of tequila and margarita mix, They had chairs lined up with bartenders pouring the shots straight from the bottle. Well here is where our smooth race went awry. Coming out of the alley post shot I turned us around the wrong way! (I'm blaming the tequila!) So we added an extra half mile or so before realizing we were going the wrong way and getting back on track to our 4th stop at Tower 230 where we chugged Coronitas and I realized I still have the skillz to go back to college ;)

To make up for the detour we raced as hard as we could back to the finish at Blind Pig. Our detour definitely cost us too much time to place but we had a lot of fun and got in a good hard 3.5ish mile run. Next year though we won't get lost and let the tequila go to my head :)

Afterwards we hung out and partied and watched the Cavs kick some more butt. It was a very fun night!

Racing through the alley after our Tequila Shots at Zocalo

Partying after the race with Daisy

Three Speedy Gals

Team Sassy and Speedy Senoritas

Ready to run

Mmm Tacos

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