Pace Group Instructions

Hey kids if you are looking to run with a pace group Sunday at the Pig just get to the start a bit early and look for us holding out signs lined up behind the start in order or pace. We will be in place at 6 am. Gals will be in bright yellow asics outfits, guys in red. Pace groups start at 3:20 and go up to 5 hours. I'll be the one holding the 3:50 sign and wearing a pig snout. Just come up and say hello. Definitely for this course it is better to go out a little slow. The hill from 5 to 10 will be tough but after that there is plenty of flat at downhills to let you pick up the pace.

Good Luck! Hope to see some of you Sunday!

Oh and if you do use a pacer Sunday at the Pig or at Pittsburgh and you think they did a good job email and let him know. We can always use the feedback so we can continue to keep pacing great marathons!


TriSaraTops said...

Have fun pacing! That's such a fun race--you'll have a blast! I want some pics of the pig nose! ha ha

If you feel like running 8s in Cleveland for the half, you know I'd love a partner! :)

Arcane said...

Good luck tomorrow! Small world as I'm pacing the 3:50 group in Ottawa in a couple of weeks.

Michele said...

hey girl, you had so many people around you I couldn't get close enough to say Hi. I tried to wave but knew you wouldn't know who I was. We started out behind you but kept you in sight for a long time. never could catch up and say hi. my quads died and I didn't get my BQ, a PR or even a sub 4. SO the Pig was a bust but I had a blast.

A. M. Mericsko said...

Have fun pacing! You are a tiger!!! Grrr!!!
I hope to see you at Cleveland because I will sure need your support!

Black Knight said...

Pig marathon during the pig flu time? Too funny!
Have fun.

kccat said...

I have been following your blog since I started running last summer and you are very inspiring. I saw you at the Run for the Border race and noticed the your pic is up on the Metro Mix website. Its pic #81.

Happy running.