Week Number 2 with the Coach

5-18 through 5-24 (54 Miles)
Monday- 3.26 easy 9:44 pace (I was pretty whipped!)
Tuesday-7.79 on the track
Wednesday- 7.74 easy 8:14 pace
Thursday- 5 miles tempo in 34:40, 8.44 miles total
Friday- 7.58 recovery 8:33 pace
Saturday- 13 Mile long run 8:04 pace
Sunday- 6.54 easy 9:06 pace
*Also did one hour of Yoga Thursday Night, Saturday worked in the yard for 5 hours

I'm supposed to be doing 55-60 miles per week so I came up a bit shy. Need to pay better attention this week :)

Details on the key workouts below:

Track Workout #2 with Coach:

Next key race is a 5k so we are starting to work on my speed and turn over. I was still tired from the half marathon and my right achilles is tweaked a bit (hurts when I put on my running shoes until I get warmed up)

Couple of easy laps then one mile warm up at 7:31 followed by 4*100 strides then 3 sets of: (4*200 on/200 easy), 800. Aiming for 40-43 on the 200s (Have I mentioned I hate 200s, I have no speed from the line!). First 800 under 3:20 and each following faster than the previous 800.

Set 1: 45.27(1:06.92 R), 43.40 (1:11.09 R), 44.70 (1:14.63 R), 43.37 (2:50 R),
800: 3:08.52
Set 2: 45.03(1:14.91 R), 42.26(1:18.25 R),41.59(1:18.49 R),41.66 (3:23 R),
800: 2:59.59
Set 3: 41.66 (1:11.74 R), 41.19 (1:13.43 R),41.99(1:16 R), 41 something (watch lost splits for this one), (2:30 R),
800: 2:53

These times aren't anything outstanding for me, looking back I have done all of this in the past, but I think the key is going to be consistency and we will hopefully see these times drop quickly.


The tempo run went pretty well. I could tell I was tired the last few miles (and it was hot!!!), but I pushed and actually upped the pace a bit. I was trying not to look at the watch as much since I started off close to pace I wanted to try and hold it without using the Garmin. It felt comfortable the first two miles then I had to work a bit. Obviously I went a little hard on the back half, likely compensating a bit too much for feeling wiped out!

Ran this one on my own for the most part. CV jumped in for the 4th mile. I was a little faster than we wanted (aiming for 7) but the goal of these workouts is to get used to running 7s. I need to be able to feel the pace with no watch. Since this was my second tempo after a bunch of speed and the half last week I think it was likely the pace would feel a bit easier than it did last week when I was still coming out of marathon mode.


Long Run:

Ran with Salty in the heat of the day Saturday. Probably not our brightest decision ever. Coach wanted 13 miles at even low 8s. Mission achieved. It was really hot and I should have brought more water but I survived. Our first 6.5 went great we were a wee bit fast at just under 8 but Salty had some dehydration issues so we backed it off the second half and it evened out to the low 8s we were supposed to run. Next time Salty we hit the pavement before the heat of the afternoon!


solarsquirrel said...

I like that you kept track of the duration of the rest intervals. I think that is one of the most important parts of the track workout - and one of the reasons why this one was so particularly difficult for me! (Short r.i. = really tough workout!)

Brian said...

you will be kicking ass. although you already are. i guess then you just be kicking more ass? :)