Weekly Rundown May 25th through May 31st

All done with recovery mode now and onto training for the Buckeye 50K, Pacing for the Akron marathon, and racing the Richmond Marathon in the fall. Oh and I should probably do something to prep for the century ride and 2 mile open water swim I plan to do for the Beast series too. Wanted to get over 50 for the week and I squeaked it out thanks to Monday's medium long run.

Monday- 2 hours trail ~12.5 miles

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- Recovery run with Salty ~5.75 miles

Thursday- ~7.5 miles with 7 25 second strides with Salty

Friday- Morning solo tempo effort. Opted to just do an out and back and estimate distance. Wanted to get in 6-7 miles (depending on time left before I had to catch the bus) with 2-3 miles at a good hard tempo effort. First mile was 8:20 something so at 26 minutes I estimated that was 3 miles and turned around and started into my tempo effort. I ran the next "2 miles" back in 14:04 then ran easy the last mile back to the house. Mapped the run later on the USATF site and it was actually closer to 6.34 so I was running my tempo a little too hard (~6:25 pace, I was aiming for 6:45-7).

Saturday- 60 hot muggy minutes in Cinci. Holy cow was it hot down there. I'm calling this 6. I had no idea where I was most of the run, just winding around the suburbs. The first 10 minutes or so I thought, eh it isn't so bad out here. By 30 minutes I was ready to jump in many of the neighborhood pools fully clothed. My face was beat red by the time I got back and I was a sweaty mess. I am not ready for summer running! Thank goodness the Galloways had AC! (The beers and long island ice teas I had Friday night as well as the ginormous apple pancake with ice cream I had for breakfast made this hot muggy run even less pleasant. Pigging out and drinking excessively stops now!)

Sunday- Medium long run with my SERC peeps. Not sure where the heck all the ladies were but my intention to go out a bit quicker with some of the guys was go as there were no ladies to change my mind. First mile went out with Hawthorne and PR. Forgot to start my watch but thankfully PR has a garmin so I got the mile split from him then started my watch. Hmm 7:36 and they were just warming up, I knew I wanted to pick up the pace but this might be a bit aggressive. The next 5 miles to the water stop I hung out with Frank who was aiming to have an easy day and didn't dust by me like the rest of the group. He kept making comments about how fast the pace was and I told him I did not want to know until we got to the water stop. Turns out we averaged about 7:10 the first 6 miles. Yeah a lot closer to tempo pace than long run pace for me. We hadn't got back from Cinci until midnight and the Indian food (which was divine) was not sitting pleasantly in my stomach. I informed Frank I was easing the pace way off and was going to hit the trails. I wanted to get in 15 but with the humidity I decided to do the 12 and then tack on 3 at the end if I still felt okay. Thankfully Frank didn't minding slowing way up so we hit the trails and finished out the 12 mile loop. Picked up TC for the last few miles at the top of the hill and Frank showed us his digs and gave us some water to tide us over for the last 1.5 miles or so. Ended up with 2 hours on the dot and what I am going to call 15 miles but I have a feeling it was a little more.

53 miles for the week and 180 for the month. I'm hoping to see that go up quite a bit over the next few months. I'd really like to get so 60s are comfortable and 70s are more common.


ramblings of a runnner said...

you are nuts! Sunday morning i was debating between running a 5k race downtown followed by about 5 miles - or going out to serc - well by the time i decided to run with serc - it was too late and i wasn't going to make it in time -- good thing too!! With you running like the tasmania devil i would have been on my own! ha! nice work this week!

A. M. Mericsko said...

You are a tiger. Hear the "GRRRRRRRRRRRR"

Steph said...

Hey Elizabeth! Nice seeing you this past weekend. Just so you know, Sunday wasn't a whole lot better temp-wise, but maybe a little less humid. Agreed about jumping in a pool!

GP said...

One of these mornings, when you're up for a pokey run with a pokey girl, I'd love to get together. I was running the good ol' comb last night doing some "speed" work in all that rain.

It's nice, though, to run several miles but still be a couple miles from home... you know, in case of injuries, bathroom breaks, water and rain!

And next year I'm going to make it into an open water race during the summer. I miss swimming races, but don't really want to get back into pool-meet mode. Plus, my open water technique needs some motivation to improve.

Great week to you and good running/swimming/cycling all summer!