Weekly Rundown 6/9/08-6/15/08

Just another week of trying to boost mileage. Ended up a little shy of my goal as on Sunday I tweaked my Achilles pretty good. Stiff, bruised, and a bit worried about it I called it a day 4 miles short of my goal. I'm on day 3 of no running and it seems to be healed (i.e. I am not hobbling around anymore), I may go test it today, but I will try to be smart and wait one more day to ensure the injury is gone.

Monday-45 minutes ~ 5 miles. 5*25 second strides. Intended for this run to be 8 miles but about 4 miles in the sky's opened up and proceeded to thunder and lightning directly above my head. Scared the living snot out of me so I called the hubby so I could bail. Felt bad as I was a drowned rat by the time he got me, but that lightning was terrifying!


Wednesday- AM 4 miles easy
PM 25 minute warm up
Flag Day 5k-19:34 3rd overall female

Thursday-AM:60 minutes easy at a State park near Sandusky. Took some fun photos I will post. About 6.5 miles, just a relaxed run
PM Yoga aka magic stretching. My left glute has been driving me crazy, not sore but just annoying for a few weeks, and it has not bothered me since Thursday night. I'm going to make this part of the routine again.

Friday-60 minute run from the house, ~6.7 miles. Didn't feel like running at all so I grabbed the i pod. I wasn't the only one out with an I pod in the hood that night, I got to witness a little old lady breaking it down as she moved along the sidewalk. She was even singing out loud. Glad someone was having a good night although she did look at me like I was strange. Also had some old man make some comment to me which I didn't hear through the i pod but I swear he said you should quit doing that, it'll make your feet big. What?

Saturday-2 hours 20 minutes on the trails. Long boring start on the towpath and then we finally hit the buckeye trail. We did Lock 29 to Highland rd via the towpath, then jaite to snowville, snowville to Boston except we took the road from the old building, cutting out the mud slide and about 1 mile, then Boston Store to Pine Lane via the buckeye trail and then we hit a bridle trail back to lock 29. Somewhere between 15 and 16 miles. Either way a hard fast trail run for me.

Sunday- 11 miles trails. About half way through my right Achilles started to complain. I am guessing either the mud or the multiple hills I ran Saturday and Sunday was the cause. Note to self I do not need to run trails both Saturday and Sunday. Especially not the same darn section of trails :) Other than the Achilles I felt really good though, pace felt easy and I felt strong. Damn weak Achilles tendon!


duchossois said...

I feel your Achilles pain. I'd say, "Welcome to the club", but really, you don't want to be in this club. Very smart to take 3 days off...that's a lesson I need to learn.

Irene said...

Take care of that Achilles!

Just now, I caught your photo history on your side bar. That's so cool!

Kevin said...

Wow, u r fast. I'd love to one day run a sub 20 minute 5k.

iliketoast said...

The "hobble" test is overrated, I believe you can still run even if you hobble when walking.

By the way you are tagged for the 5 questions on my blog.

Josh said...

Totally unrelated comment: I grew up near Detroit, MI. In the summertime we would frequently go to Cedar Point. At the time is was the roller coaster mecca. Do you ever go? Do they still have killer rides?

Anonymous said...

woman! the details. what was old grannie belting?

Brian said...

Better start stretching it well. Get out the band. also there is this miracle drug called ibuprofen. ha