Weekly Rundown June 1st-7th

Just trying to bump my mileage back up to get ready for the Buckeye 50k and build some base for my Richmond marathon training. Surprisingly the heat hasn't seemed to phase me too much although Thursday was pretty brutal downtown and my legs felt like tree trunks. An unplanned Friday off remedied that and I felt great on my Saturday and Sunday medium long runs.

Monday- 56 minute run easy ~5.6 miles

Tuesday- Track 7 miles total, Pretty happy with the splits, rests were a bit longer than usual for me so I wanted them to be on the fast side.

Rainy night

2 mile warm up

4*100 strides/100 meter recovery

1600 (6:11)/800 recovery

800 (3:02)/400 recovery

800 (2:58)/400 recovery

400 (1:28)/400 recovery

400 (1:23)/400 recovery

800 cool down


Lunch- 45 minute body sculpting class

PM- 6.5 miles easy trail run

Thursday- 7 mile easy run downtown HOT!

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 13 mile trail run (fast finish, sub 7 on the towpath) under 10 minute mile average

Hot day, but I felt pretty good. A bit muddy in spots but overall a pretty nice run. We lost our way a few times but thankfully ended up where we intended to go. Probably my quietest trail run ever. The guys claimed we were on private property, but I'm guessing they just didn't want to hear me going on and on the whole run. Added bonus my girl Daisy made it out too!

We even got to see some wildlife!

Sunday- Calling this one an Epic Sunday for getting some time on the run, bike, and swim

14 mile road run 8 min pace, felt really good other than my stomach the last two miles. Starting to feel really pumped up for this fall. Got my ego boosted a bit by the guys at the bagel shop commenting on how tough I am getting to be.

15 mile bike ride

Enter my bike ride with Wild Bill. I had planned to do 20 miles easy on my own but Bill had rode his bike to the bagel shop from his place so I decided to ride back with him and hit the pool for a bit before riding back solo. It was about 15 miles and I figure it would be easy since Bill was on a hybrid sans clips and I was on my road bike. Well I had my piece of humble pie served up Wild Bill style. He kicked my ass! I survived but it wasn't an easy ride that is for sure! My legs were pretty much toast on the up hills.

500 meter swim. Feeling pretty lazy when we got to the pool but decided to do a few laps. A littl backstroke, breast, and freestyle, all easy.

15 mile bike ride back to Solon. I tried to just keep it easy and managed to get back in the same time it took me to get there, but I had a tailwind.

Week Totals

56 miles run for the week, right where I want to be.

30 mile bike (need to boost the time in the saddle for that looming century ride)

500 meter swim (need to get in the lake to get ready for the 2 mile open water swim)

45 minute strengthening just need to add a day of yoga to this and I will be happy with it


Sarah said...

I saw a snapper (also covered with pond vegetation) while I was on my run over the weekend, too...are they all on the move or something?

I'd much rather see birds than that ugly creature!

solarsquirrel said...

That's so funny! Bill gave you a run for it, huh? I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that you had just ran and it was like a hundred degrees. ;)

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice track times!!

And you call that "wildlife?!?!" Wildlife needs to be able to move faster than you, otherwise its just food for wildlife.


Black Knight said...

Is that the picture of a fast runner? He/she would deserve the black t-shirt of the Black Knight Army.

EVIE5000 said...

Nice job at the Flag Day race too!! Yes, I noticed you were on the Vertical Runner team as well. That's awesome!
I'm sure I will see you around at the races ...or on the roads, or trails.... :)
Keep up the great running!

TrainingtoTri said...

That is a big ass turtle!