Memorial Day Photos

Spent Memorial day just trying to have fun. Went down to the valley and ran with the fast peeps on the trails for 2 hours, then went disc golfing with my hubby, and spent the evening playing card games.

I was a bit stiff from the Blossom Run on Sunday so I was a bit shocked when the group started to pick up the pace right away Monday morning. I didn't feel bad but was a bit worried since usually this group starts slow and then drops you when they hit the trails. If the pace felt quick on the towpath I wasn't too confident about my abilities to keep up on the trails.

Thankfully they eased the pace a little just in time for a small thunderstorm to soak us before diving into the woods. Pace was quick and the hills were rough. I am definitely not accustomed to hustling up the hills yet. CG just bounded up them like they were nothing. My legs were definitely giving me the bird as I had pretty much tapped them on Sunday. My quads were burning on several climbs. But I wasn't the slowest one and I did manage to keep up without too much trouble. The trails were a big mudfest so I was pretty impressed to have averaged around 10 minute miles by the end of my 2 hour run. The group kept on to get in 20 miles but I decided to be smart and not push it. My right hamstring was a little overworked and I figured a hard 2 hour trail run was probably not bright already so I didn't want to push it any more. It felt so good to get back out on the trails again. I just hope I can be this aggressive on the hills and mud come Buckeye 50k!

Wet and muddy trail rat

These shoes need a spray

Some places the mud was ankle deep. Not sure how it got all the way up my calf though! Only forded a few streams.

Ate lunch and blogged then we headed to the local disc golf course. My right hamstring was a bit unhappy so I just took it easy and didn't try very hard to throw the disc very far, but still a nice hour in the sun with my hubby.

Hubby at hole number 5

I just love these trees, I think the flowers look like stars

Have you seen my disc?

Obviously not concerned that I was about 100 over par at this point

More fun star flowers

So how did you spend your Memorial Day?


duchossois said...

Trail run on Monday actually sounds like it was fun. Sorry I missed it, but I had a chance to run closer to home with some SERC buddies.

Brett S. said...

I did the Sunday morning trail run with the VR group... I thought they were going pretty fast when we finished 10 miles at around an 11 minute pace. Plenty of hills. Then some of them continued for another 10.

Signed up for the Buckeye. First training run will be with Red's group at 6:30am Saturday so we will see.

Papa Louie said...

Muddy trail run sounds fun. I wondered what those chain link poles were for but I still don't know what to do with them. I'll have to learn more about them. Thanks for sharing you memorial day fun photos.

Steve said...

a bit muddy huh?

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Running, Parade, BBQing in the backyard.

solarsquirrel said...

You are crazy! I took Monday off!

Kim said...

looks like you had a fun weekend my dear! hope you cleaned all the mud off!

JenC said...

My legs always look like that after a muddy trail run. I think I kick the mud up on myself.

Can't make this Wednesday's or next Wednesday's runs, but I will be back after that. Hope to see you soon!

triguyjt said...

got a short run in..
watched euc. mem day parade,, a big family tradition..we always scream and cheer for all the kids and especially all the veterans ,cops and firefighters... they really deserve it.. cutest thing to see is my dad, age 83, bad knees, struggle to get up from his chair each time someone comes by with the american flag in the parade.. its touching to see, actually.
cookout at my hacienda with the fam..
perfect memorial day

Anonymous said...

mud goes on the face. no point in exfoliating the calves.