Bi-Weekly Rundown 6/16/08-6/29/08

Well not much to say running wise for the week of June 16th. I took Monday and Tuesday off as my achilles was bruised and felt awful. Could barely walk on it and I was worried I had done some serious damage, but I iced and massaged and Wednesday tested it on an easy 47 minute run with Salty. It felt stiff but no pain and it felt all right after the run so I decided I was in the clear to get back on laid plans my friends. However that was also the last week my coworker would be in Cleveland so we were hitting up lunches and happy hours and my free time for running was taken up by social commitments with the coworkers. Fun times but not really helping me to achieve running greatness ;) The multiple beers weren't helping the waistline either, at least we were getting in a lot of walking! Friday we drove to Cinci and I downed 2 last quick beers with the coworkers before heading out to say good bye and to ease my normal hyperventilating that occurs while being a passenger in rush hour traffic. Another tall beer at Applebees half way through the ride got me to Cinci in one sane piece. Then it was time for some serious gaming and a few more beers. Saturday was my 5 year anniversary, my sister in laws shower, and my sister in laws bacherlorette party. Between staying up late drinking Friday, waking up early Saturday to shop for shower goodies, the shower, and the party not much time was left for running. I'm happy to report that I did drag my hung over ass out for a 2 hour run on Sunday though and the achilles only flared up a tiny bit whenever I strayed from the pavement to the dirt path. Surprisingly despite my week long binge of non running and heavy drinking (for me) I managed to negative split the run finishing it out at 7:30 pace (helped that my hubby called to tell me I was going to miss out on some guitar hero action if I didn't hurry up).

With a miserable running week behind me I decided to jump right back in and was aiming for 65 miles this week. I knew it would be rough coming off a 19 mile week but figured if I kept the pace easy I could jump right back into higher mileage. Considering I had drank more the previous week than I have all year I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised that most of my runs this week I felt like shit. My legs were just not cooperating and my stomach was being downright awful, usually not a problem for me. I ran every day with Tuesday being my only "hard day" the rest done at an easy to moderate pace. Well my hard work paid off and I ended up with my biggest week ever just shy of 76 miles (previous best was 70)! Granted I only did one cross training activity but still, a very good week for me to deposit in my endurance bank. It is my intention to continue the streak of high mileage this year hopefully getting to the point where 60 mile weeks are easy for me.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 47 minutes easy

Thursday: 1 mile open water swim AM, 60 minute yoga PM

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 2 hours, fast finish run

Monday: 6.5 miles easy with Salty

Tuesday: Track 7.58 miles total, mile repeats (6:14,6:12,6:18)

Wednesday: 60 minutes easy (6.64 miles)

Thursday: 1 mile open water swim AM
8.25 mile lunch run with Janet, felt good first half but was suffering late in the run

Friday: 10.8 miles downtown in the morning, got attacked by a red winged blackbird!

Saturday: 3 hour trail run with Jen, Sam, and AF. Intended to run 6 miles easy, settled for 16.6 with friends. First run I really felt good on this week so I decided to take advantage of it.

Sunday: 19.2 miles on the Buckeye trail. Took it easy but tried to run most of the hills. Felt great until about 17 miles. Had a coughing attack as something was lodged in my airway and about 2 minutes later my stomach revolted. Perhaps my body telling me I pushed a bit far this week? Feel great now so I am not going to worry about it.

The past three runs have all been double digits and were all done early in the morning on less sleep than I normally get and I still felt surprisingly well. Not sure what that means, hopefully it means I am finally detoxed from last week and am headed towards a PR at Buckeye 50k ;)

Enjoy the slideshow of June fun with the Hansens.
Explanations: Paivi our rambunctious "child" hiding in my linen cube, Kendall Lake, attempts at gardening (before the seedlings got ate by small creatures and weeds took over the bed), shakes in Coventry, More of Paivi getting into things, my beach run at Sandusky, SERC Guys goofing off, Lake Erie Swim, Coworkers last day, Ticket to Ride game, SIL shower and Bacherlorette Party, Chilling Sunday after a long run and Guitar Hero madness


duchossois said...

Busy times for you, e. Good work racking up the miles, and nice trail run today (thanks for the ride to the start.) Won't see you there next weekend as I'll be in NYC.

IHateToast said...

hm. you schnockered. i'd pay to see it. no, wait. you schnockered and running. you'd still kick my booty, but think of how much fun i'd have convincing you that you had more to do.

no, i don't feel bad. i also see you puking on my new shoes. i must be fair with my fantasies.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Your blog gave me a hangover.

Chef Bill

Black Knight said...

One week without a day of are pure iron!

ErieTom said...

Sometimes I get those coughing attacks on the trail - not sure if I inhaled something or if an allergic reaction to something on the trail or what... cough til I nearly puke sometimes it is so violent / blechy.