Weekly Rundown (May 12th-May 18th and May 19th through May 25th)

Playing a quick catch up here on training. I have been running, albeit not as much as I would like. Took a big hit this week with the first time since the week after Boston that I had more than one day off in a row. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball I guess.

May 12th-18th

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.25 miles easy

Wednesday: 7 miles easy

Thursday: Solo Track workout 8 miles total
Warm up 3.25 miles then 3*1600 at 5k race effort with 400 recovery jogs. Windy day and I was beat and it showed in my pacing
mile cool down

Friday:Rest (Bad day, rough day at work and rough start in the morning just never found time to get a run in)

Saturday: 2 miles easy with my girls downtown with some strides. Meant to get in a PM run but it just didn't happen.

Sunday: Pacing Daisy ~16 miles

May 19th-May 25th

Monday: Rest (travel)

Tuesday: 20 minutes strength training (travel) (Late night drinks and dessert with Mouse, Dice, and the Jayhawks totally worth the rough wake up call and plane ride Wednesday. These peeps rock.)

Wednesday: Rest (travel)

Thursday: 7 miles easy with Daisy

Friday: 30 minute warm up easy with Salty then 6* 1 minute at 5 mile race pace effort with 2 minute jogged recoveries then a 12 minute cool down ~7 miles

Saturday: 60 minutes easy on the trails with Salty ~6.5 miles

AM: 22 minute warm up ~2.5 miles
Blossom Run 5.25 miles- 34:44 watch time (6:37 pace)
hour cool down ~6 miles
AM Total ~13.75 miles

PM 3 miles easy to shake out the legs for tomorrows trail run
Day total ~16.75

Closing the book on weeks under 40 mpw now and heading on to higher average mileage and the Buckeye 50K!

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