Belated Weekly Training Rundown- Last week of Boston and Post Boston

I'll make this one quick as we are obviously far removed from Boston now ;)

The week leading up to Boston was all about recovery and rest. I had to tweak the Pfitzinger plan a bit being that Boston is on a Monday, and Friday we would be on a train leaving no time for a run.

I want to note (for my future reference) that I stopped all strength training 3 weeks out from Boston. I'm not convinced this was bright now. I think I could have done another week and even gone light on it but still done it two weeks out to keep my quad strength higher.

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 6 miles Recovery 8 min pace on track with Frank

Wednesday- 43 minute run with Daisy around downtown to find Amtrak station. EZ

Thursday- 7 mile run. 4-5 mile warm up with Salty then 2 miles at marathon race pace (7:31 and 7:29) and an easy cool down to the car (followed by a milkshake at fat burger yum!)

Friday- Rest (Train)

Saturday-42 minute recovery run with Katy and Daisy. 5*25 second strides

Sunday- 25 minute recovery run with Daisy

My mileage this week was a little lighter than the actual Pfitzinger plan, but I figured with all the walking around you do in Boston I'd rather err on the light side.

Boston Recovery Week

Monday- 26.2 + a few hours of dancing

Tuesday- Rest (Train)

Wednesday- walked 1.5 miles with David

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Quick strength workout, 20 minutes focusing on arms, core, and stretching

Saturday- (This is where I start to misbehave) 10-11 miles trails. Too hard. I fell twice before backing it off and just tried to keep the group close enough so I didn't get lost. My quads were shredded from the start, and by the end my glutes felt like they were going to rip in half. Note to self, don't go out with a group for your first post marathon recovery run.

Treated myself to a new pair of shoes and flip flops at Vertical Runner after the run to assuage my hurt ego :) Nothing like going out with a fast group to get your humility back post race.
Got the Mizuno Wave Inspires since my little gait analysis showed more pronation than I thought I had. I wonder if your feet just change over time. A few years ago when I got the Mizuno Wave Riders the running store guys swore up and down to me I was neutral, but the video clearly shows that I currently pronate.

Sunday- 8 easy roads with SERC (except for last 2 where I picked it up to hang with Frank and Christine) Legs were still stiff but I was able to shuffle along without too much trouble. By mile 6 I "caught" Frank on the turn and then ran it in with them.

After lunch I headed out to hop on my bike and got in about 9 miles before calling it a day. It was cold and I was not properly dressed for cycling in that.

This week I am "cramming" for my first duathlon on Sunday. It is part of the Beast series so I need to hold my own if I don't want to give up my lead. I'm just hoping Daisy and Solar don't crush me by too much. I think the runs will be fine but I am really a sorry excuse for a cyclist (or at least I was last time I raced in 2006). So this week I am just slowly bumping my run mileage, all easy runs except for Tuesday and I am going to try and get in another bike ride tomorrow and maybe Saturday and hope for the best on Sunday. Weather isn't looking too appealing so I am not sure how much I am going to enjoy my first du.


duchossois said...

Sorry about your painful Saturday trail run. Now I am glad I made the decision not to do it. The biggest match of the year (Chelsea v. ManU) was on at 7:30 AM, plus I had some lingering aches and pains from Boston, so I opted for a Saturday afternoon run on my own.

Good luck in the duathlon.

CJ said...

I rode with you at least once, and you were definitely not a sorry excuse for a cyclist! I can relate to that feeling though. My skills are so lacking that I think Mike may send me away to bike school!

Good luck in the du!