Thanks for all the cat advice. Much of it is stuff we already have in place, I guess that is why we are so frustrated :) Trail shoes are soaking in their second batch of natures miracle. I am not keeping my hopes up. In the meantime it is time for the great purge of 2008, I spent yesterday clearing out all sorts of clutter in the hopes that our house will be less pee and poop appealing. Hopefully I'll find time this week for the rest of it.

Now onto endurance sports business. Remind me why I signed up for a duathlon in the boonies that starts at 8 AM two weeks after Boston. I'm cold, I'm tired, and I am not a morning person. Let's hope the long drive leaves me a little cheerier! ;)

My buddy Bridget is running the pig today. Fingers crossed that she smashes her goal!


JenC said...

If my shoes can recover from me peeing in them at Ironman, I have hope for yours as well. Good luck!

I wish I had good cat advice. I don't. Mine keeps puking every day and that's loads of fun too.

Babs said...


Your cat has gotten the 'attention' he sought out from you..he's pretty smart, just like the little kids I work with who do the same kinda 'stuff' to their parents. Your cat wants to have more quality time with you...he's had it with all your training runs, and never being home. What can I say?? He's having some 'separation' issues. It's too bad, because you really can't take him on your runs (that's why 'runners' get dogs they can run with. Sorry...Barb

Coach Tammy said...

Hey, just saw your new hairdo on Kurt's blog! LOVE IT! Hope you are doing well... can't believe it was only 2 years ago that we met at my first marathon and now I'm a freakin' Ironman! Hope to "run" into you again sometime.