Photo Frenzy

Not sure when I will catch up on posts about my life outside of running so here are a ton of photos taken over the past several weeks.

Highlights from most recent to oldest

Halloween Bash at T's
BYOP Party (Bring your own pumpkin)
Chicago Marathon
Birthday Corn Maze Celebration
West Woods 6 Hour Run
Miller Family Golf Outing
Disc Golf Outing
Spring Roll night at T's
Furniture Purchase Labor Day Weekend (Which supposedly will show up Saturday)

If you scroll way down there's a Chicago Marathon Recap hiding somewhere


Tammy said...

OH my! I have missed a birthday, a halloween par-tay, and another marathon. I'm a bad, bad friend.




There... Whew! I feel better now :)

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Wow! Awesome Catch-Up ;-)

Anonymous said...

Geez, you guys have been busy.

Sounds like I'll be up your way on Saturday night, so I'll see ya then.


Lora said...

What a fun life you've got thar Girl!!

Happy Belated B-day!!

Love the pics!!

walchka said...

Some great pics E. Looks like you had fun at the Halloween party.

Lana said...

You have been a busy girl!! I love the costume!!

D said...

Can I come to your halloween party next year??? How cool that you met Khalid K. How was he in person? Nice?

E-Speed said...

Tammy- I am sure I have missed just as much on your end. Seems I have fallen FAR behind on my bloglines list, love your new do by the way.

Thanks JV ;)

D- let us know when you are in town! Khalid was super nice. Much more personable than some of the elites we met at Boston this spring. I couldn't get over how small he was :)

A. M. Mericsko said...

Awesome picts! They made me laugh so hard!

Robb said...

A belated congrats on Chicago. Awesome effort and great report! So many great and funny photos too. You've been busy girl!!

Pharmie said...

Thanks for the fun recap pics! So fun. You have been a very busy girl. I loved your costume, too.

DaisyDuc said...

No wonder there is no time for bloggin with so much going on!!

Kate said...

I can't quite believe that's you...
Sounds like you've been busy with FUN stuff!