Tempo Thursdays!

Perhaps too many T's in one week?

Warmup Miles 1 and 2
Mile 3 Tempo (Aiming for half marathon pace, so about 7:30, obviously too fast...hmm faulty memory, I guess I should actually be aiming for 7:15 so not too bad!)
About 3/4 mile run to the bathroom and back
6:22 (3/4)
Mile 4 Rest mile
Mile 5 and 6 Tempo
Mile 7 Cool Down Mile

Somehow missed my girls this morning so I am heading out for a short easy run around the hood.


Jodi said...

Wow, I am so jealous of your speed! Great run!

Jay T said...

More than 30 seconds faster than you were aiming? Yeah, I'd say that's a bit too fast. ;-)

Nice workout!

turnip said...

ugh, i loathe tempo workouts until I successfully finish one (mind you I aim for a "quick" 8:30 or 9:00 mile) then I feel great. Nice blog, my husband and I LOVE Gnarls Barkley, great running music!

Dusty said...

Nice run!! Looks like you are doing great!

Robb said...

That's rocking right along...good job with Tempo Thursday. Take care.

iliketoast said...

You deserve to be very happy with those times, well done!

Papa Louie said...

you run like me. 30 seconds faster than planned pace. did you feel good after the run? if so then good for you.

Rae said...

I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL JUNE!!! Do you realize HOW MUCH FUN we are gonna have???????????????????????????????????????????

backofpack said...

Whoo, I'm so far behind! You actually look great in the CRIM photo! And you are moving along on the track. Good job.

neese said...

e-speed = excellent speed!! :) that is jaw dropping fast (to me!) way to go!

Anonymous said...

Nice job your defintely a speed demon!

Run for Chocolate said...

wow, that's fast, nice job, e!

Josh said...

Awesome workout! I'm feeling so lazy right now.