Tuseday Trail Tempo!

I was absolutely brilliant yesterday and forgot to actually get the keys to my husbands car so when all was said and done I didn't make it to the track. Instead we opted to go to the park and I headed to the trails. Got to try out my new kicks and they worked splendidly. I took them through the rounds; hills, rocks, mud, roots, logs, bridges, all they need to hit now is some water but they are hopefully good to go for the North Country Trail marathon. No water crossings there! Just a bunch of technical single track.

The trails were just what I needed last night. I just wish I could have stayed out there longer. I got lost from my regular route, I think they knocked down a sign during some trail renovations, so I ended up running three new trail routes that I hadn't been on before. It was a ton of fun. Almost got taken out by a few mountain bikers, I am suprised they didn't launch themselves over the cliff coming down that hill so fast. Now I know why I stick to the road!

I steadily picked up the pace the whole run and cruised in feeling great. Did a few pickups then David and I headed to Chipotle for dinner. Yum! I felt like crap most of yesterday, extremely hormonal and upset stomach, probably worried myself sick. I am feeling much better this morning.

The car apparently is not leaking oil, and when it got to the shop it wasn't leaking anything. It was leaking radiator fluid before the trip to the shop. (Am I the only one that thought that fluid is green? Or clear? Not amber like oil?) Anyways they filled that and ran it for like 15 minutes while David watched on, and no leak. So of course last night after our park trip I check and it's leaking, lovely. So I will be taking my antifreeze and a bottle of water with me in the trunk until I can pinpoint where the leak is to take back to the shop.

Tonight I am going to a "memory-making" party (scrapbooking, I assume) after I pick up my packet for the River Run Half this weekend. My plan is to race it and hopefully PR, that should set me up for my goal at Chicago which is a 3:25, if I don't PR the half then I will probably readjust that goal a wee bit. River Run is a great half because it is mostly downhill, so incredibly fast. A and her boy are running with and I think B is too. Should be a fun day.

Sending you all happy trail vibes!


Lana said...

Glad you are feeling better and had a good trail run! Good luck in the River Run Half!

Susan said...

i thought radiator fluid was green too. 3:25 chicago? wow, you go girl!

Eric said...

Which trails were you running? I need to start getting on the trails.

Jodi said...

Great to hear that you are back to your happy self! Have fun tonight. We'll miss you at the run!

Fe-lady said...

Were you running in Metro Park, Cleveland? I love that place.
Funny, I was just thinking last night as I warmed up some soup around 7 pm how good a chipotle burrito would have tasted instead!
Best of luck for your 1/2~!

Pharmie said...

Good luck on the half! Looks like the weather is supposed to cooperate, so a PR just may be in your future!

Lloyd said...

Hey E, nice trail run. Where did ya go?

Ahh. River Run. Love the race. PR'd there in '03 and '05. This year I've given it up for Punxy. Besides, I dont think I have a HM PR in me anymore!

Several years ago I backpacked the Manistee trail and I've been wanting to do the trail race up there. Nice trail with awesome views down below. Let me know how the race goes.

Start easy, and good luck.

Kate said...

Good luck for the half! Sounds like a great run- I can't wait for summer so I can get onto the trails again.

Rae said...

I;m with you - I thought radiator was neon green or something. I hate cars and car mechanics always seem so skeezy.

Good luck on the half!! Bring home the PR!!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Good luck in the River Run! I would have run this year, but i am headed to PA for a wedding this weekend. Have a great race!!

Cliff said...

Scrapbook...oh one of my friend is so into that and she showed me how to use the stencil and what not.

Way to explore the woods.