Thursdays Winging It Tempo Run

Still doing my own thang and just running what I can for workouts here. I wanted to get in at least 5 miles at a decent clip today. It was a bit rainy and windy and chilly today but once I got going I felt great. I figured I would target starting around 6:40ish and see what I could get it down to from there by the end depending on wind etc. but really was just going to go based off of effort. I was committed to doing at least 5 at tempo pace and then depending on how I felt either jog back to catch the guys or keep up the tempo pace until I got back to them.

Ended up with just shy of 6, I pansied out when I caught ME and he was running a bit faster than my little legs could handle so we "backed it off" to 6:50ish before a bit of a cool down. Right now I'd rather err on the side of safe than greedy and save the "race" efforts for the races :)

0.75 at 6:06 pace

So 5.75 at 6:19 pace. I'll take it :)

I had Jason Derulo in my head pretty much the entire time and even though I was a total scatter brain today the run felt pretty effortless (it helped that the last 2.5ish miles were with the wind I am sure!). It feels so good to be feeling like myself again! Added bonus the foot (knock on wood) also feels pretty good.

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iliketoast said...

I figure this about a 38min 10k equivalent ... not racing huh?