Recovery Week 4

I had planned on it being rough to get workouts in last week for quite some time as David's family was coming to town for his grandmas 90th Birthday party and staying with us. Little did I know that would be no issue at all. The real issue was my body giving me the finger for most of the week. But I finally started to rally on Friday and had a great albeit tiring weekend. Not quite the training week I was hoping for, but I made the most of what I did get in!

2 days completely off (unless you count the 11 minute bike ride I did Monday morning to loosen up my legs before my ART appointment)
no swims, no yoga, no bike. Ouch!
5 runs. 1 super fun muddy wet trail run and a great long run this weekend.

Body doesn't feel too bad. Foot is a little sore, but mostly just a little inflammation. Postponing this weeks ART to Friday to see how it does once it isn't being managed twice a week.

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