Crash Course to Philly Week 2

Well it is a good thing I was so diligent on the running front during the week this week because the planned big mileage weekend did not happen! Blame it on the excessive partying if we must, all that dancing has to count for something! I think actually it was probably good I didn't push it on the mileage front with the foot. I've still been feeling great on all my runs and clearly endurance/energy is not my issue so not feeling too overly worried about skipping Saturdays planned 14 miler and making Sunday a 16 instead of 20.

65 miles for the week.

Managed to get in 7 runs with two days off and two doubles.

One yoga class and one trainer ride. Never managed to get to the pool.

Other than my left calf getting a little tight on the long run yesterday everything feels pretty good. I got in a decent hill workout, tempo, and relatively fast long run and the foot (knock on wood) is not any worse.

Hoping to make this week a good one finishing it out with a half marathon somewhere between goal marathon pace and PR half pace with a few more hard miles tacked onto the end to be my last big confidence boosting run before Philly! Not going to taper off the mileage until the week before but this weekend will be the last 15+ run.

Getting pretty stoked for Philly!

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