Swamped Run Down

I have lots of exciting things to say about the marathon but I am a busy little worker bee this week and just don't have time. But before it gets lost in the ether of my mind here's the stats from last week. Pretty much my standard marathon taper which worked out pretty nicely on race day. While I am bummed my friend didn't have a better day, I am really proud of her, and I am super stoked that I didn't do any of the typical marathon damage to my legs so I can ramp it up here quickly for my last big fall events!

Didn't quite get in 30 miles for my 30th on the Garmin but I am going to say between the 2 mile warm up and schlepping around/dancing after the race that I definitely covered 30 miles on foot Sunday.

Officially got in 59 miles for the week on 6 runs. Didn't get in any cross training as I wanted to be semi fresh for the race. Though I did have a massage and an ART session. There was a small bit of partying involved Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but I think I behaved relatively well while still maximizing the fun of turning 30.


Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY E!!!! and really looking forward to hearing your marathon recap, you did amazing!!!!!

Thomas said...

I had no idea you were such a spring chicken. Happy belated birthday.