Unintentional Back Off Week

Like I said in the last post just lost some motivation this week. But the good thing is the workouts that I did get in were quality and I will probably feel fresher for the Turkey Trot as a result. But need to keep the lack of motivation at bay post Thanksgiving as it will be time to start building a bigger base, no more track workouts for awhile (It's the midwest) moving on to fartleks and a good strong mileage base to get ready for Boston. Still have some strength training on tap for today, but have some work work to catch up on first then relaxing and start over again tomorrow.

November 16th Through the 22nd-43 miles

Monday-No Running (86 push ups, 95 sit ups, 18 squats, 45 tricep curls)
Tuesday-7.5 miles with track
Wednesday- No Running (100 push ups)
Thursday-7 miles with tempo
Friday-6.5 miles easy, 8:48 pace
Saturday-10 miles trail, 8:15 pace (120 push ups, 108 sit ups, 25 squats, 6 hip exercises, 10*2 second reps on each)
Sunday- 12 miles 7:16 pace (120 sit ups, 28 squats, and 6 hip exercises, 10*2 second reps on each)

Key Workouts:

easy warm up and cool down+
1600 warm up at 7:41.24

1200- 4:30.42 (176 bpm) (rest 2:34.53)
800- 2:59.47 (178) (2:00.20)
400- 87.22 (176) (1:31.15)
400- 84.41 (178) (1:57.62)
800- 2:51.55 (182) 2:30.97
1200- 4:21.78 (184)

5 miles aiming for under 34
6:47.56 (170)
6:48.37 (179)
6:46.86 (180)
6:46.06 (181)
6:46.55 (182)

33:55 total


Love2Run said...

Your off weeks are still very impressive. Hope you can keep the motivation up, it's a long ways till Boston.

DaisyDuc said...

Great job hitting those key workouts! I have missed running with you the past week or so!

...next wednesday I should be back to it as all feels pretty well back to normal!