On the Mend

My legs were pretty thrashed after the marathon so the past two weeks have been focused on recovery. Probably another week of light mileage before I ramp it up slightly for the turkey trot and then onto marathon base building for Boston.

While my legs are slowly healing I am wiped out today. Too many late nights and early mornings last week. I am ready for some mental relaxation this week as well as physical.

Monday October 19th Through October 25th- 9 miles
Monday-Walked 2 miles
Tuesday-Jogged 1 mile and walked 2 miles
Thursday-Vinyasa Yoga
Saturday-2 miles slow (calfs were very angry)
Sunday-6 miles slow (shins were very angry)

Monday October 26th through November 1st-32 miles
Monday-6 miles easy
Tuesday-8 miles with a track workout (8*400 and 1600 at end, all under 1:30 and mile in 6:15)
28 pushups and 23 situps
Wednesday-Rest (29 pushups and 29 situps)
Thursday-5 mile "tempo" 7:50 pace
Friday-6.5 miles easy
Saturday-6.5 easy on trails

Halloween Photos Below

Work Pumpkin Carving Contest

Relaxing at the Smith's Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party

Halloween Trail Run

Halloween at The Edwards (Wolverine and Guitar Hero Casey Lynch)

My mini pumpkin and Daisy with pumpkin guts


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the comment about the shins and calves being very angry...I get that right away.

Also, I thought that was a really cool picture of all the local runner girls on halloween.

It occurred to me when I read the results of the Inland Trail Marathon from this weekend, that if you ran that, you would surely win it.

Runner Susan said...

I love your costume!

DC Running Mama said...

Hey there! Learned about your blog through Salty's. Great job at the marathon!