Back into the swing of things

I was planning on easing back into mileage slowly but with two medium long distance runs on the weekend I am almost back into the 60s. It feels good to get back into the groove so easily after feeling so run down before Columbus. Focusing on keeping the easy days pretty easy right now and that seems to help.

59.5 miles for the week

Monday-7.45 miles 9 min pace
Tuesday- 7.97 miles with track (32 push ups, 35 sit ups)
Wednesday- 7.82 miles 8:43 pace (46 push ups, 37 sit ups)
Thursday- 7.43 miles with tempo (50 push ups, 39 sit ups)
Friday-5.13 miles 8:50 pace
Saturday- 13.36 miles trails easy 11:08 pace
Sunday- 10ish miles at 7:35 pace (Garmin froze but seems to have corrected itself post run, let's hope that was just a fluke)

Key workouts:

Tuesday Track:

6*800 with 2:30 rests

3:03.52 (2:31.35) (174 bpm)
3:01.73 (2:26.72) (179 bpm)
2:59.18 (2:33.47) (182 bpm)
2:57.93 (2:22.77) (182 bpm)
2:57.08 (2:32.72) (184 bpm)

This workout took me over 2300 miles for the year which is more than I ran all of last year, fun little milestone.

Thursday Tempo:

Aiming for 6 miles, first mile at 7:30, next five in 35 aiming for over 7 the first two miles and under 7 the last 3.

Factoring in the 20-30 MPH the first mile and last 2.5 miles I am going to say this was the best I could expect. It was really more of a race the last two miles than a tempo effort into the wind.

7:38.19 (Heart rate 150 bpm)
7:09.01 (171 bpm)
6:57.71 (172 bpm)
6:57.08 (178 bpm)
7:03.01 (184 bpm)
7:01.21 (187 bpm)

Sunday 10 miler:

Ran with some SERC buddies in Hudson before helping out at a cross country race. Nice quick run even if I wasn't feeling it initially (too much wine Saturday night) it was a great morning with friends. Aiming for 10 miles under 8 minute pace and ended up averaging 7:35 pace.


Steve Stenzel said...

Holy hell, those are some crazy mileage numbers!!! Nice work!

Black Knight said...

I repeat, you are a running machine. Brava!