Weekly Rundown September 29th-October 5th

What goes up...

Yeah so I thought I had avoided my annual fall cold but apparently it was just delayed a week. I crashed hard this week having to spend an entire day in bed and two more days hacking away so running was sparse. Thanfully the workouts I did get in included two quality days so this week I guess I am settling for quality over quality and quantity. Still coughing slightly this afternoon but I think the cold is in remission.

Monday-6 mile easy lunch run with Daisy
PM 4 mile easy run

Tuesday- Track workout. Got to the track late so cut the total miles a bit short (aiming for 12 but got in 9) but got in the workout of 5*1200 at 5k pace with 2:30 rest. Was aiming for 6:07-6:14 pace and was right on


2.54 easy mile run to and from hair cut at lunch

Thursday-Friday- Sick as a dog no running

Saturday- 7 easy miles with 6*100 strides

Sunday- 15.5 miles with 12 miles at marathon pace average for whole run 7:26/mile. Warmed up about 1.5 miles, and the group took off fast, I actually probably ran a good quarter mile at or under pace before I started in on my 12 mile paced effort. Started off fast while the terrain was flat and with the hills on the back end ended up right at an average of 7:15 for the 12 miles. Was supposed to do 17 but was running late and decided that it was better to try and run with the group during my 12 (ended up by myself anyways) and was pretty toasted at the end of the run so called it a day after a short cool down with PR. Very happy with my effort. Those Solon hills are freaking tough!

Low week about half of what I was hoping for but hey still about 14 more than what I used to do 2 years ago! 44 miles.


IHateToast said...

sorry about those hills. all we had in our way on sunday were vacationing families. oh, did you not run by the beach? i'm sorry. no, really. i am.

i hate colds.

duchossois said...

Don't worry about a little reduction in mileage due to illness. You are smart to rest when you need it.