Weekly Rundown October 6th through 12th

Well last week was supposed to be my peak mileage week of training. The week also coincided with the visit of our siblings from Arizona and our niece who we have only seen twice since she was born (she's 2!) and our other siblings wedding. AKA we were really busy! I did really well most of the week just missing one 4 mile recovery jog but after Friday night's festivities I just didn't get out for a run on Saturday and Sunday missed out on my 15 miler. Totally worth it though as I had a very fun week with family and I got in all of my key workouts. (And if I shift my week to have started on the previous Saturday instead of Monday I did get in a 7 day total of 90 miles) I am still trying to fight off this cold with a runny nose and cough still lingering I am feeling a little less motivated and a lot more exhausted. I've made the executive decision this week to back it off a bit since I have a 10k race Saturday and a duathlon on Sunday.

Monday-6 miles easy. Missed evening 4 miler

Tuesday-9 miles with 10*25 second strides

Wednesday-AM: 12 mile LT run with 7 miles at 6:49 pace
PM: 5.2 easy at the track while Solar and Bridget did their 400s

Thursday-AM: 4 miles to library and back
Lunch: 6.72 mile run with Daisy, supposed to be recovery, ran a few miles a little fast!

Friday- 22 solo miles in Chagrin Falls. 8:20 pace. Really happy with this one. Out and back all by myself super early in the morning in order to be back for an 11 am pedicure. Other than a runny nose this run couldn't have been any better. The falls leaves are changing and it was just the right temperature for a long run with minimal water intake (Ran 11 out and 11 back with no place to refill the handheld)

Saturday-Hung Over from night before and doing wedding stuff all day. Danced my booty off but no run

Sunday- About 4 miles back and forth from the towpath marathon aid station. Worked the aid station most of the morning but got back in time to see Daisy and Solar BQ! Opted for time with my niece over my 15 miler. Totally Worth it.

About 70 miles for the week. But I am content because I nailed the LT workout and the 22 miler was great. Now if I could just get rid of this runny nose and cough!

I'll leave you with some fun wedding weekend photos.

SILs at the falls (still going strong after the 22 miler!)

Our niece playing corn hole.

Dinner Friday Night, before the 4 glasses of wine...

Friday Night at the Wine Bar with my SILs. That Martini in the front, we're blaming my missed 8 miler on that.

Mr. Hansen joining in the festivities. (No idea who's beer this is but my husband imitates a pretty good drunk)

Before the wedding

The Bride! I've never seen her more beautiful, she was absolutely stunning.

After the Wedding.

At the reception.


Irene said...

Beautiful wedding pictures!

Brett S. said...

You looked beautiful all dressed up. Hope the bride didn't mind. It's amazing the transformation from runnig shorts and sports bras to beautiful dresses and weddings. Although I wouldn't try to run in those shoes to far.

duchossois said...

You have your priorities in the right order...no need to feel any guilt. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. The photos are really good, especially the last one of you and your hubby.

solarsquirrel said...

I'm happy to hear that you decided to forgo the 15 mile run - proof that you aren't as insane as I thought (but of course, still a FREAK). Your hair looks SO SO cute in the pictures! You look like a model! I laughed out loud at the picture of David with the beer.