Weekly Run Down 9-22-08 through 9-28-08

After nailing my first 80+ mile week it was time to ramp down a bit and do a mini taper for the Akron Marathon this past weekend. I wasn't concerned about the pace but still wanted to have relatively fresh legs so that I could easily talk and concentrate. I also knew I would likely be running over 30 miles and wanted to be as ready for that much pavement time as I could be so no double digit days this past week except for marathon day.

Monday- Just over 6 miles easy with Daisy (a little sore from field day!)

AM: 5 miles easy on the treadmill 8:50 pace
Lunch: A little over 4 easy miles with Salty

Wednesday- A little over 8 miles with Daisy practicing pace, 8:49

Thursday- A little over 5 easy miles with Daisy and CV with 6*25 second strides

Friday- Just shy of 3.5 easy recovery miles

3:50 pacer Akron Marathon- 3:49:37
4.5 mile run to pick up cousin 8:53 pace
4.6 miles pacing cousin to finish 13:41 pace

Easy walk to warm up, then 3.6 miles on the trails with TB easy, and an easy walk to cool down

Total for the week 71 miles

Between this week and the previous one this has been my biggest month ever despite 4 days off early in the month (264 including yesterday and hopefully 276 after today). I am feeling surprisingly good. Stiff in the mornings, a bit of PF in my right foot and my left ankle is tight in the mornings, but it seems like once I've woken up and stumbled around I loosen up for my runs and feel good during them. Hoping to keep the momentum this week and next week with two more weeks over 80. We will see how I hold up!


Anonymous said...

How did you run further after picking up Noreen than it took you going back to get her? Were you weaving around like drunks?


E-Speed said...

I skirted around the stadium going out and went into the stadium coming back!

duchossois said...

Those are impressive miles. You are going to be so strong at Richmond, you're gonna burn that one up.

Brian said...

Good thing you're young. I wish I had your energy.

Anonymous said...

are you sure you don't schedule in skipping and hopscotch? when i read your posts, i just feel like a kid again. you run happy miles.

i am sorry i got rid of my pogo stick.

DaisyDuc said...

Hard core!!! Girl, keep it up. Look out Richmond!

Steve Stenzel said...

Jeez, can you hold a pace or what?!? 23 seconds unde the goal time? Nice!!!

Mike said...

Nice job rocking out with the pace setters!!! Question for you, I'm hooked after running in the Akron Marathon, where is a good resource to find other races in teh area? I see in your blog a lot of local races and trail runs but I'm not sure where to look!


Black Knight said...

Late congrats for your new job: fast pacer!
How can you run such weekly mileage?

iliketoast said...

Hey E-Speed you are really hitting big miles and keeping it together so well. You are doing great!