Bi Weekly Rundown October 13-26

An off week (stress, busy at work etc) and an almost complete week (Sunday fell off the wheel). Three weeks to go until Richmond and I have gone from being pretty nervous about my goal to being quite a bit more confident about it. Now can the race just get here already?

October 13th-19th

Monday-Unintended Rest. Watched Monday night football instead

Tuesday- Track, 9 miles with 6*500. Calves and hamstrings were thrashed after the intervals, not sure why but this workout was tough even though it shouldn't have been.

5*600 with 90 sec rest splits
2:18.14, 2:15.23, 2:16.49, 2:16.04, 2:15.50

Wednesday- Birthday Run 15 miles at lunch. 7 on my own and 8 with Daisy. Again a run that shouldn't have been hard but was. Probably went out a hair too fast and between that, the heat, and not eating properly was just hanging on by the end. 7:58 pace

Thursday- 60 minutes yoga

Friday-7 mile lunch run with Daisy easy

Saturday-2.5 mile warm up, 10k race, 1.3 mile cool down. Great race 39:45
PM: 60 minute hike with Hubby and Salty

Sunday- AM: Duathlon 2.9 mile run, 15.5 mile bike, 2.9 mile run

Got my ass handed to me on the bike by Daisy during my last Beast event, the headwaters trail duathlon. Only 5 athletes. Took out the run at what I thought was a respectable, but attainable pace, about 6:50 pace for the first run, then just did my best to survive the bike, 15.5 miles by myself with my quads wondering why the heck I was riding up and down these roadkill hills. Last run stepped it up a notch so as not to look so bad by Daisy crushing me by almost 10 minutes on the bike. About 6:40 pace for the second run. Opted to call it a day, it was freezing out and we had a lot to do before my b-day party (bonfire and charades, it was a fun night!).

PM: Hour Photo Hike with Daisy

Week: 47 Miles Running, about 6-7 hiking, 15.5 On the bike (Very evident I hadn't been on the bike since July!)

October 20th-26th

Monday- 6 mile "recovery" run with TB in the dark, pace probably a little quick

Tuesday- Track, 11 miles with 6*1000 with 2 minute rests
Incredibly windy night. Paces were slower than I would have liked but respectable considering the wind. Likely ran the first set a little too hard because I couldn't get back to that time on any of the others
5*1000 with 2 minute rests splits
3:47.50, 3:51.82, 3:51.12, 3:52.83, 3:52.59, 3:51.65

Wednesday- AM: 4 mile Recovery Run
Lunch: 6 mile recovery run with MJ

Thursday- AM: 15 mile run, 8:08 pace
PM: 4 miles easy on treadmill in hotel

Friday- 8 Miles Easy on Kal-Haven Trail in Kalamazoo with 6*25 second strides.

Saturday- 20 miles, 6 on Roads/Hills with FD, 14 on towpath solo, 7:54 pace

Sunday-Not enough time in the day. No run.

Week: 74 Miles


Cliff said...

I am most impress by your lunch b-day run. 15 milers during lunch time is quite an accomplishment.

Denise said...

Hey Happy Birthday!

I have been looking up and down your site for a contact email but couldn't find one. Would appreciate it if you got back to me via my email or blog.

IHateToast said...

at least she handed it to you. mine is usually drop-kicked to me.

wind. not a fan. hills don't bother me as much as wind. maybe because the end is unknown. i have even stopped mid run to yell at the wind. i'm sure you're classier. must be this older you.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice rundown, especially the b-day run!! Happy Belated Birthday!!

We should do intervals together. Do you ever come to St. Paul to workout? ;)

DaisyDuc said...

Heck ya, I am feeling confident for you too!

You totally did not get your ass handed to me at the are not giving yourself nearly enough credit for your tough competition the day after a Suh-weet race!

No wonder you ran out of time Sunday. That weekend had to be insanely tiring!

Brett S. said...

Nice to see you out there on Sunday even if it was just passing in the parking lot. You'll do great in Richmond. It's a great course and race as you know. I am also impressed by 15 miles during lunch. Hell I bet they don't call it a lunch "hour"

Black Knight said...

15 miles during lunch time is my impossible dream! And... congrats for your 10K PB!