BI Weekly Run Down-September 8th Through September 21st

Once again falling behind on the training updates.

I had the best intentions of "training through" the Punxsutawney 50k. I did not taper for the race. I ran three 10 mile days during the week leading up to it and my intention was that I would not need more than a day or two of recovery. Well you know, best laid plans... So despite feeling great during the race I was still pretty beat up afterwards. The next two runs were extremely painful and from what the company I was keeping told me looked just about as bad as they felt. Between that and plain old life getting in the way the week following Punxsutawney had some dismal numbers. But I think it ended up being good because the week following I hit every run I was targeting and busted out an 85 mile week, my biggest ever, while feeling pretty stellar! And my knee is feeling 100 %!

9-8-08 to 9-14-08

Monday- "Easy" 5.5 mile run with Daisy. Quads were not happy and pace was slow.

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 10.5 miles trails, felt pretty good, knee acted up once we hit some hills

Thursday- 6 miles with Daisy, started outside and finished on the treadmill

Friday- Dismal 6 mile run (was supposed to be 13), pace was slow, and everything was painful, mentally and physically fried

Saturday- Unintended Rest. Couldn't get out of bed early then had a family funeral and a long drive to Michigan. An emotionally draining day

Sunday- Unintended Rest. Again couldn't get my butt out of bed. Golfed 18 holes in the rain at the annual family outing and played wii sports, not a great substitute for a 19 mile run

9-15-08 to 9-21-08

Monday- Feeling a bit run down, likely from the rain
AM: 6.4 miles easy around the hood
PM: 3 miles easy, went out too soon after dinner and stomach was not happy, ran last mile with hubby

Tuesday- 11 miles with Threshold for 5 miles, ran on the towpath with the gals. About 4 mile warm up then 5 miles targeting 6:42 to 6:51 pace. Garmin was broken so I had to use the towpath markers. 6:49, 6:44, 7:00, 6:58, 6:49 (I am guessing miles 3 and 4 were long because effort remained the same throughout) 2 mile cool down

Wednesday- 15 mile run. 4 miles on the pavement by myself and then 6 miles on the bridle trail with Friends and another 5 on the pavement by myself to wrap it up. Average 8:20 pace and felt good.

Thursday- 6 miles easy with Salty

Friday- AM: 13 miles. 3 treadmill miles solo, 8 miles with Bridget, then another 2 on the treadmill. Averaged 8:30 pace
PM: 4 easy miles with MJ (definitely feeling the weeks miles when we went uphill)

Saturday- AM: Walked 4.5 miles with my parents
PM: 6 mile recovery run

Sunday- 20 miles with Daisy, Solar, and CS. Trying to target Akron pace but girls don't know how to run slower than 8:30. Averaged around 8:40. last 5 miles picked up the pace finishing out at 8:15s.

I was actually feeling awesome after this run. Until I went to the CTC picnic and participated in the field day activities. The cartwheels did me in! But it was fun, obstacle courses with running drills, egg carrying, cartwheels, and caterpillars, then push ups (I actually did more consecutive push ups than I ever thought would be possible for me, 42!), sit ups, jump rope, and bur pees. Daisy sure knows how to whip these lazy triathletes into shape!

This week is a back off week to make sure I am fresh to pace on Saturday, after two recovery days I already feel so much more energized. I'm looking forward to the marathon this weekend, lots of friends and family out participating, it should be a blast!

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Cliff said...


Congrats on the 50 k. I scroll to that post and I love the stone. :o)

Busting out 85 miles is very impressive. This week is my last week to build for a mary and is on the way of hitting high 60s miles.

Sorry to hear about the funeral from the family. I hope you are able to find comfort in these hard times.