Weekly Rundown-Boston Training Week 9

One week to go, and yes I might actually consider this next week a true taper, although when you throw the marathon in the mileage is still high, but with Boston being on a Monday, this week will actually be reminiscent of my casual jogging days, yahoo!

Onto the stats:

Monday- 2 mile walk to the movie store with David

Tuesday- 8 mile general aerobic run with Daisy 8*30 second strides, beautiful day, please let Boston be just the same.

Wednesday- 3 miles easy on the treadmill 9:30 pace

Thursday- My last "hard" workout before Boston. 9 miles with 3*1600 at 5k pace with 2 minute jogs for rest. Daisy and I headed over to a local track downtown only to find that there was a class out on the track and we were not welcome during school hours. So we had to think fast and decided to run back to the gym and do our intervals on the treadmill. Got in about 3.5 miles on the road and then another mile on the treadmill before ramping it up and hitting it hard.

I don't know why but I had been dreading this workout and doing it on the treadmill did not appeal to me any more, possibly less than doing it on the track did. But once it was said and done, it wasn't so bad and I feel good about having it done. Other than a treadmill error that caused my treadmill to shut down about 3/4 through my last mile I managed to suffer through the workout. All three miles were around 6:16 (not 100% on the last one but I just ramped the speed back up and ran until I hit 6:16 and called it a mile, I had the treadmill on 6:15 pace for the first 3/4 and ramped it up to 6:11 in the last minute). I don't know why but as hard as the workout was, I was fine once I was doing it. Yes it was difficult, yes I would rather have stopped, yes I felt like a tool staring at the out off order sign on the treadmill in front of me while I ran in one place. But when all was said and done I got the work done and I am sure I am stronger because of it.

It's all worth it when the girls in the locker room ask just how fast you were going. I guess when Daisy and I are both cranking out repeats around 6 minute pace the lunch crowd notices :)

Friday- 5 mile recovery run on the towpath. 9 minute pace Bizarre weather! Sunny and beautiful for the first 2.5 miles, downpour the next 2 and sunny the last .5. Saw lots of fun (and not so fun) wildlife on this one. A cute muskrat swimmming in the canal and a blue heron up close. Could have done without the 5 geese hanging out on the path.

Saturday- 7 miles around the hood. 3 mile warm up then 3 miles on the track doing 100 strides once every quarter mile. All around 21-23 seconds, so my 30 second strides on the road were probably all a bit longer than the prescribed 100 yard strides, oh well. 1 mile run back to the house. Pace around 8:30

Sunday- About 13 miles with my SERC crowd. Weather was cool and a bit of light rain. I felt great and we had to keep backing down the pace. Ended up a little shy of 13 miles average pace 8 minutes.

Now I am ready to ramp it way down this week. I actually get 2 rest days and all mileage will be at a recovery pace except for 2 miles at marathon pace Thursday and some strides on Saturday. The train (literally) leaves for Boston Friday morning and I am so ready to be on it. Now I just need to pack!


duchossois said...

Not only will you run Boston fast, but you are in such good shape and have put in so many quality miles that you will not have to kill yourself to do it. You're going to look much better at the finish line than most of us. Get the cameras ready.

Kim said...

you are gonna kick boston's ass. you are more than prepared! i cant wait to meet you on friday!

Irene said...

Wishing you all the best in Boston! I haven't commented here in a while, but I've been reading along. I look forward to your post Boston report!

Brian said...

Have fun in Beantown! I'll be tracking you on Monday and sending you positive vibes! Stay strong over Heartbreak!

Alili said...

Kick Boston's butt! Go e-speed!!

Brian said...

Have fun and kick some ass. let your rough training schedule shine and your body will follow it. Wow what a cheesy line. Did I really say that?

Anyway hit that second wave and see how many people you can pick off from the first wave.

GP said...

Strike another day in the Boston countdown! You're really going to rip it up out there. All the best to you.

And good luck representing the city in which we live ;-)

Grellan said...

You're as ready as you'll ever be. Best of luck.

iliketoast said...

Smell that? ....... *sniff* ..... a PB is in the air!

Anonymous said...

it's friday now (in australia), i'm all giddy for you.


it's so close.