2008 Boston Marathon Race Report- Part 4, Splits

For those who couldn't make it through the lengthy report!

I am putting this down as my most evenly paced effort in a marathon race. Only slowed 5 minutes in the second half as opposed to the 10 minutes last time I ran Boston, and also handled the hills much better this time around. Really happy that I didn't slow until the hills unlike in previous years. Wish I could have upped the pace in the final miles, but it just didn't happen. Next time around I am going to work even harder to ensure my quads hold out for much longer than they did.


Mile 1: 7:46 (Funny how such a steep downhill can go so slow, probably a good thing there were crowds this mile to hold me back)

Mile 2: 7:35 (easing into pace)

Mile 3: 7:30 (right on target and stayed there up through the hills, a few miles varied because of water stops that were crowded but for the most part the first 16 miles were right on target)

Mile 4: 7:32

Mile 5: 7:39

Mile 6: 7:34

Mile 7: 7:37

Mile 8: 7:35

Mile 9: 7:33

Mile 10: 7:32

Mile 11: 7:41

Mile 12: 7:27 (Hmm this is about where I realized my quads were not holding up to the downhills, coincidence that it was the only mile faster than the pace I wanted to go?)

Mile 13: 7:34

Mile 14: 7:31

Mile 15: 7:35

Mile 16: 7:30

Mile 17: 8:00 (Here starts the hills)

Mile 18: 8:00

Mile 19: 7:52

Mile 20: 8:11

Mile 21: 8:14 (I don’t know why but I thought Heartbreak was over before this mile so I was disappointed to have two miles over 8 through the hills)

Mile 22: 7:47

Mile 23: 8:01 (Only water stop I was forced to walk and weave around volunteers, got cut off three times by the same guy)

Mile 24: 7:56

Mile 25: 8:04

Mile 26.2: 9:25 (around 7:45 at 26)


Finish: 3:22:50
Clock: 3:30:25
10K: 0:47:18
15K: 1:10:50
Half: 1:39:30
30k: 2:22:26
Place Overall: 4849 of 21963
Place Women: 586 of 8935
Place Open 18-39: 478 of 4908

Note that I finally cracked into the top 10% of females instead of being stuck right at 10%! WooHoo!


Quinto Sol said...

Congrats on a fine PR... and at Boston. How cool is that?

Marcus said...

great finishing-time ! Very fast!

Steve Stenzel said...

SWEET JOB getting into the top 10%!!! WAY TO GO!! That's a crazy-good run!!

Bert de Lert said...

Nice splits! Amazing, really...

iliketoast said...

once again, a real smart, strong marathon, that is so hard to do

tony said...

Nice even splits and a strong race and PR! I'm sure even faster times lie ahead for you!

Alili said...

Wow Wow WOW! What a race! Incredible job E!