Weekly Rundown-Boston Training Week 8

Highest mileage taper week ever :) I am definitely starting to feel ready to just race and be done with the training! Breathing this week was just a little ragged, I'm starting to wonder if it is more to do with the warmer weather, possibly allergies, than with the training as my legs feel great. Got a legitimate tune up and baseline marathon pace predictor race in with the 10k and I am feeling better about making some more aggressive goals for Boston. Only workout I am dreading this week is the track workout Thursday. Other than that I am looking forward to all single digit days during the week and a light 13 miler Sunday :)

The stats:

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- Track Workout in a wind and hail storm

Was right on target the first 3 repeats despite the wind but then the hail kicked in and I struggled a bit :)

Warm up 4 miles easy
6*600 with 200 recovery jogs

2 mile cool down

Wednesday- 11 mile medium long run. Went to NC and added a few steep/long hills. Breathing was ragged but pace was fine. 8:10 pace

Thursday- Recovery run with strides. 6 miles downtown with Bridget. 6*30 second strides, felt good. 9:10 pace

Friday- Recovery 5 mile on the treadmill with Daisy (trying to get heat acclimated and just really didn't want to run in the rain) Not paying attention and managed to stop the treadmill 3 times with no clue how long I had been going. Ran the first mile at 10 minute pace and the rest at 9:30

Saturday- Martian Meteor 10k 41:17 6:39 pace
Warm up 25 minutes with a few strides
Cool down 11 minutes easy

Sunday- ~17.5 miles at 8:24 pace. First 10 miles easy at 8:45 pace, last few miles dropped it down under 8


Brianna said...

I love that 8:45 is an easy pace for you! That pace would kick my butt! :)

Lana said...

That IS a high mileage taper week...you are in awesome shape!!

GP said...

Hey, soon-to-be neighbor! I just caught your comments on the house blog. Thanks for visiting!

We'll certainly keep an eye out for you and share running loops. I ran a me-only half marathon from Lakeshore to Chardon hill, down Beverly Hills and back up E260 to Lakeshore again. It was a nice combination of flats, hills, killer hills that we should make into a race some day.

I'm just looking forward to having sidewalks again! So, if you see a pokey, awkward, but grateful-looking runner trudging by, it's probably me.

But enough about me: happy countdown to Boston! We'll be rooting for you all the way!

duchossois said...

You are ready to go. Don't let the breathing thing get you too worried. As you say, could be the warmer weather or allergies. You are going to excel in Boston.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice "taper week"... you kill me!.... HA!

Bert de Lert said...

You're like, Super Espeed now.

Good luck in Boston!

triguyjt said...

i agree with brianna

you did 17 at 8:24... i did a 5 miler at that pace and was dying......

good luck in boston