Thank You

Thanks for all the well wishes for my sister. She looked good last night. They've upgraded her to jello and popsicles, it's a start. The doctors all seem great and want surgery to be a last ditch effort to get this under control. This is something she will have to live with forever and they really don't want to go down that road if they don't have to. The pain meds seem to be working as she says her pain level is at a 2. I'll probably go back up tomorrow to see her again and then Sunday it's back to my reality.

Right now I am debating putting on all my warm clothes to ride my bike to my cousins since our triathlon club has started their annual male versus female virtual tri camp and I don't want to let my girls down with a 0 miles day. No pool access and I think I should avoid running two days in a row for a few weeks still so that leaves me with riding my moms bike as the only option. Should have brought my trainer because it is cold outside! I am not ready for winter.


tony said...

Good to hear they upgraded your sister. GREAT you can be there for her!

Love your competitive spirit. Enjoy your cold bike ride, gotta beat those boyz!!

Irene said...

I hope your sister continues to improve!

Stay warm!

Mallie said...

I had a lot to catch up on here, Liz.

1: Congrats on a fantastic finish at JFK
2. Sending good vibes and well wishes to your sister and family.
3. Go for the bike...cold or not!

Anonymous said...

Hard to find anything wrong with Jello and Popsicles, other than she is eating them and not me. :)

I am starting to think triathlon again myself. I may commit to doing one tri in 08, hopefully a half, and then to try to enter a full IM in 09!

Michele said...

Good news about your sister.

You are braver then me, riding in the cold is never considered. Good luck!

RunBubbaRun said...

Glad your sister is doing better.

Stay warm training outside.

TrainingtoTri said...

So glad to hear your sister is doing better.

I am proud of you for getting on your bike! I am starting the contest off with a couple of 0 days, but I'll make up for it down the road somehow!!!

TriBoomer said...

Great news! Please keep us up-to-date.

Stay tuned...

Anne said...

Glad to hear your sister's improving. My former running partner suffered from this and after years of agony, finally had surgery and has been able to resume the life she had prior, including running and doing all the other stuff that the pain had sidelined. I hope your sister finds relief (no pun) soon too.

Jodi said...

I'm wishing her a speedy, surgery free recovery!

And when you get back, bring your trainer on down to my place for a ride!



B Bop said...

Good news about KT!

Better get outside and ride before it gets too cold ;-)