Taper Madness and Race Wardrobe

So for those that are curious I did have somewhat of a method to my taper this year. Last year I really didn't as I hadn't had a single week over 50 miles due to ITB problems.

I don't know where I picked up this little principle from but this is what I went with this year. Three weeks out I had my highest week of the training block. I hit 60+ miles and did my longest long run of the season (60k-40 miles). Two weeks out I was supposed to aim for 80% of my highest week but bailed on an easy 5 miler and was a little bit short. I did my last long run which was 19.5 miles (about half of my longest long run). 1 week out I did 50% of my highest week at 30 miles with my longest run at 10 miles (half the previous weeks long run) (are you seeing the trend?). And now we are at race week and I am aiming for the whole week to be 60 or less, which equals not a whole heck of a lot during the week :) Hence the taper madness!

I need to pack tonight. I will try my best not to pack my entire running wardrobe this time around. Although it is tempting we all know that when it comes down to it there really are only so many options you actually need come race day. My packing list last year was extensive. This year I am going to try and be a bit more minimalistic about it. JFK is a very well supported run and Rootsrunner will be out crewing for some friends so I am sure any issues that arise will be taken care of and I don't actually need to carry around a pharmacy in my waist pouch. And though I am tempted to take a camera this time around I am going to nix it as I know that would be the factor that would seal the deal on me falling on the AT and busting the thing. I just need to decide if I can get by with the pockets in my handheld, shorts or Capri's, and a lightweight jacket or if I still need the waist pouch. I am tempted to leave the pouch at home as I know it will make my lower backs life a lot easier. But maybe I will just throw it in my "crew" bag in case of emergency.

Since I'll have shades I am leaning towards no hat. But I still could decide to do a visor or cap. I'll have to see how the short hair looks in my Wild Bill cap tonight. I don't want people to mistake me for being Wild Bill if you know what I mean.

Temperatures are looking to be 32-47 and a bit cloudy, which means layers.

I don't really know what I want to wear this year. Last year I had my awesome pink Wild Bill shirt. But that shirt has certainly seen better days and while I like my blue Wild Bill shirt I don't think blue is the color I want to wear at JFK. I want to look peppy as well as be peppy! I know I will be wearing my orange New York shades that Tony picked up for me so I want to make sure they look good with whatever I choose.

I am leaning towards my Nike Capri's for bottoms but will pack my pearl izumi shorts as a back up. The main worry with the Capri's is they do not have a liner and since all my shorts do I am not sure which pair of ladies garments I should opt to wear for minimal leg chafing. I'm drawn to the Capri's though as they will protect my leg skin from the wind and on the off chance that I do bite it on the AT they might protect me from permanent scars, plus I survived my last 20 mile run in them with no issues and they look good!

As for my jacket I'd like to wear the Nike jacket I got in San Fran but as it only has one pocket so I am not sure it will work. It does look good though and I think the weight would be perfect. I've got a back up in the jacket I wore last year, but again it is blue...I could always do a long sleeve instead of a jacket and wear my pink Nike top, but then I lose precious pocket space.

I'll have to think about the short sleeved top. It will be too cold for my cute tank so I need to decide between a few of my hardcore ultra tops or my few fashionable tops. Hardcore ultra tops give you something to talk about on the trail. But fashionable gets more cheers from the few crowds. Decisions decisions.

The one thing I do have decided is shoes. I'll wear my Mizuno Ascends on the trail and change into my Mizuno Wave Riders for the towpath and roads. This worked well for me last year and hopefully everything will go just as smoothly with the switch as it did last year too.

13 hours until my next run. I can't wait!


tony said...

Oh my! It's times like this (clothes decisions) I'm so glad God made me a guy! Trust me E, you will look GRREAT no matter what you wear! Kick some JFK butt!

Bert de Lert said...

I'm about 5 hours from NYC. I don't know how far New Brunswick is from there.

Brian said...

What about wearing tri-shorts under the capris (or something similar)? I worry about the same stuff. Again you're not alone in the taper-madness category!

Sensationally Red said...

Can you go commando under the capris...with lots of Body Glide? Then you have no panty lines and your butt would look the bomb! LOL! I agonize over all the same things. Seems like every clothing alternative has a built in negetive...somewhere. Then you stumble upon the perfect race outfit and then it's not the right color! The agony...

B Bop said...

My advice, put on your pants one leg at a time and go run far and fast.

Good luck @ JFK!!!!! You'll do great.

Charlie said...

Have a great race

Rae said...

Good luck at JFK! You're going to do GREAT!