Bizarre Phone Call

This was so odd I had to post about it.

Went to a party Thursday night for a TNT friend I hadn't seen in forever. I got there early and was helping set up. Someone brought up having drama and I realized I have no real drama anymore. At least not the kind that always seemed to surround me in high school and college, and for a few minutes it really made me breathe easy.

Well about 5 minutes after I say something along the lines of "it is so nice not to have any drama anymore" my phone rings.

Unidentified Caller

So I pick up and hear "Who the hell do you think you are?"

I hang up because obviously this call is not for me.

Phone rings again so I pick up and declare "I'm sorry you must have the wrong number"

The retort comes "Well who is this?"

I repeat that I believe she has called the wrong number.

retort "This isn't Colleen?"

me "No this isn't Colleen, you have the wrong number."

retort "Well who the hell is this?"

Me "Elizabeth and I am sorry but you obviously have the wrong number."

retort "Well you're a bi&^h anyways." click

I put my phone back in my pocket completely in shock of what has just happened.

Obviously someone was really in the mood to give someone a talking to and since she wasn't able to get a hold of Colleen she felt I was a good surrogate.

Some people!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love those? I got my wife a MetroPCS phone. Its one of those talk all you want phones. No prepay. Seems the original owner of her recycled number was a call girl. I got some real laughs out of that one. I don't think she thought it was funny at all.

Bolder said...

decency has clearly left the building.


flint cordoroy said...

it sounds like they were just trying to order a pizza.

Vickie said...

OMG. That can be funny at the same time disturbing. Just don't expect your life to ever be without drama and maybe you will get disappointed. Always expect the unexpected.

Anonymous said...

oh is absolutely crazy.

I probably would have burst into tears because I was so angry at someone for doing that.

thanks for the Christmas card love!! I was really bad and didn't do them this year. Sigh. Oh well. There's always next Christmas!

Love you much,

Anonymous said...

How rude!! I hate it when people are like that. Well, at least it wasn't really for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow...DRAMA!!! Some People!

Cliff said...

..hehe..did u laugh it off? :)....ppl can get so moody sometimes.

Anonymous said...

My gosh people are crazy sometimes..

Spence said...

HOW RUDE!!! That's obnoxious. So totally absurd that it just makes you crack up. I hope that's what you did!

Thanks for the good words on my's nice to feel connected when one feels pretty disconnected in general.

Hope the drama continues to stay away!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is definitley random and uncalled for. Definitely a psycho.

Anonymous said...

How funny! But you know, Elizabeth. You are kinda bi^%h... :)

Neil said...

You aren't Colleen?

Anonymous said...


Makes me happy I'm WAY out of my teens and have much better friends than that!

Perhaps it was just a good glimpse at how good you've got it today! :)

Anonymous said...

I had received a wacky message on my answering machine calling me all kinds of names. Alas, the name she was shouting into my machine wasn't my name, but it was still very freaky!

IHateToast said...

we have had a similar situation. two men used to live in the house we rented. we got a new number. phone company gives out OUR new number to those looking for the old boys. they get angry. leave messages like, "and tell that bitch on the phone (me) to...."

now come on... weren't you a little tempted to say that you were colleen and to find out what was up?