Finally got back in the pool and made use of the 40 or so odd dollars they have been drafting from my bank account every month.

I'll tell you what the pool never felt so easy after all this swimming in the chop of Lake Erie!

I am glad I got back in the pool, dissapointed that I missed the track workout last night. Oh well you can't do it all! On the plus side I did get a ton of chores done around the house and a lot of work done at the office.

On to the workout stats:

2050 yards total around 38 minutes (my watch broke last Friday, still waiting for my new pink timex to arrive! So I am using my ghetto watch with no splits)

Warm up (1000 yards)
2* (250 free easy, 50 catch up drill, 50 fingertip drill, 50 slow arm recovery drill, 50 head down drill, 50 kick drill)

Main Set (1000 yards)
4*250 on a 4:05-4:10 send off (minimal rest)
I hit all 4 right around 4 minutes flat.

Cool Down (50 yards)
50 backstroke

Had to cut the workout short because I arrived just as the lifeguard was going on break so there's 10 minutes "wasted" I used the time to stretch and do some calf excercises.

Decided to go back to the basics and get in 500 yards of drills. Hopefully if I incorporate those a few more times in the pool on top of my Wednesday open water swims my stroke will be a bit more efficient before Steelhead. I got discouraged last year about my swim time at this same damn sprint tri, I am not even sure why, I think it is because there were several women out almost 4 minutes ahead of me, in a sprint! I am closer to the swim leaders (AG) than that in an Olympic distance! I guess I just haven't been racing real swimmers in the Olympics!

Tonight is swim then bike and maybe I can con A into a run off.

My blogging has suffered lately, I still owe you guy 2 WIBA posts! And I am so ridiculously far behind on reading blogs. My bloglines list is out of control! I'm trying guys! Can't wait to catch up with all of you!


Brian said...

I think they should make salt water swimming pools! I'm going to have a hard time getting back into the fresh water after having the luxury of a salt water swim! See you tonight maybe!

TriBoomer said...

It sounds like you had a good swim set. I know what you mean about an out of control bloglines and getting behind. Don't sweat your bloggin' pals will be here. :-)

Stay tuned...

flint cordoroy said...

They used to tell us tales about swimmers getting sucked under by currents and drowned in lake erie. Well now I don't believe in currents! I don't believe they exist

monica said...

blah blah blah...swimming, running, biking...blah, blah, blah... :)
I want to hear the GOOD stuff! What the heck are you doing at home? How's David? What have you two been up to?

You're too busy being athletic! hehe...maybe I should follow your lead!