Coming to Steelhead?

*Edit* I should clarify this is a stolen post from Habeela who is organizing a pre race dinner Friday night. If you want in on dinner you need to email her and let her know you want in or leave a message on her blog!*edit*

Go over and let Habeela know so we can all get together for some Italian food Friday night! I also think we should have an after party! Anyone going to the post post party to win a bike or an Ironman slot?

"Who's In?

Ok. If you're not coming to Steelhead, you can skip this post (btw, you're sooooo going to be missing out on the most awesome race of the season).

For those of you who ARE coming to Steelhead, I thought it would be fun to have a Bloggers and their Beloveds pasta feed Friday evening (5ish) at one of the best Italian restaurants in the area.

All you need to do is email Habeela or leave a comment with the following info:
1. Are you in or out?
2. If you're out, would you come if it was at at different time/place?

We'll need to make a reservation so if you can reply by August 1st that would be awesome."

Make sure you let her know if you are coming for dinner! I should be there!


rob reddy said...

in - rob

Cliff said...

oh man, i want in..but i live so far away..


maybe next year ;D

Anonymous said...

I am SO there to see you in Hagerstown on the 18th!! You;ll have to give me info when it gets close. ~Clover*

toughcookie7 said...

I'll be there! I can't wait to meet everyone...

DaisyDuc said...

dang, I am going to miss out on some good Italian food!

Clot Buster said...

Dear E-Speed

We share in common that our blogs are posted under the Tri Geek Dreams - Triathlon Alliance, that we both do triathlons, and that you will be racing at the Steelhead Triathlon just like I will on August 5th.

I am very much looking forward to that race. Perhaps during the race you will see me my Polka-Dot outfit. If you do say hello, I would love to meet you. It is very neat to see so many people sharing their stories through their blogs. I look forward to possibly meeting you this coming weekend.


Kindest Regards,

The Clot Buster

Cy said...

"If you're not coming to Steelhead, you can skip this post."

Steelhead snob.

Habeela said...

I'm definitely in for the after-after party. It's going to be such an awesome day!

The Clyde said...

As long as there are drinks, I'm game for partying Sat night.