Brief Break

Taking a break from the WIBA recap to let you all know about tonight's track workout.

It was brutal. Nuf Said.

On to the splits:

1.5 mile warm up

6*800 with 3 minute/400 rest in between
3:29.64 WTF?

1 mile cool down

I really have no idea what happened on the last 3, especially the 4th. I wasn't even that happy with the first three so the 4th was a big bummer. I was just tapped. My whole upper body felt like lead. It was pretty humid so I guess that combined with dehydration and the long weekend may have contributed.

CK thinks my calf problem is a torn muscle. Not sure what that means for me. I guess some anti inflammatories, some ice, lots of stretching on the bike, and taking it easy on the running front. I will have to make sure to take it easy on my jogs with David too I guess, big bummer. No more short/fast sets on the track until after Steelhead and hopefully it will be healed. It doesn't hurt that bad during the run and I don't feel it at all during the bike, just like a dull ache. Bizarre!

Hopefully I will get some time to post about the great WIBA ride tomorrow but I am having the girls over for a spa party so time may be tight.


Jessi said...

God damn! I am thrilled when I run under 4:00 for an 800! You are so fast!

What cracks me up is that I just blogged about running 8:20s for a 5k (see the post titled "Eh."), and a couple people left comments about how that pace was fast... and all I could think was, Hello? Haven't you people been to Elizabeth's site? Now SHE is fast!

E-Speed said...

speed is all relative :) You never know if the gal or guy sitting next to you can bust out a 15,20,25,30+ 5K so it's just better to stick to what you got and trying to improve on that while not worrying about others are doing :)

I honestly feel guilty sometimes when I have a bad track day but know it is better than someones good track days. But I gotta post what I feel so there it is.

I think anyone that is out there putting in the time on the track is a superstar.

Josh said...

We must be on a VERY similar training schedule. I always tend to be so close to what you're doing for the day. Sorry to hear the calf still isn't feeling well.

Eostre said...

Argh, didn't get your voicemail until I got off work tonight. I have a project due Wednesday which [surprise, surprise] I need to stay up late and finish. Next time!

RunBubbaRun said...

I think that is totally true about speed.. Racing and training is all about your personal frame of mind.. Especially the long distance stuff, it is all about you competeing your personal goals.. I looked at your race schedule, you are truely a superstar.. 50 miler and 2 marathons, rock on girl..

rice said...

You said it.. Its all about putting in the time and unless your pro you have no one to race but yourself. On that note those are good times for the 800. I been into the speed work for a couple weeks now and it dose hurt. It’s a little disheartening when you look at the times at the start of your training. I did 1600’s yesterday and my av time was 6:30 and I was near spent at the end of each one. The kicker is that for my goal in Oct I need to average 6:06/mile to qualify for Boston.



Robb said...

Hi careful with the calf. I like your speedwork - and, as you've pointed out in a comment, speed is a relative thing. Still, you are fast.

A Spa Party? You will post photos right?

mouse said...

good God, woman, you really are a machine! great job on the workout. hope the calf issue resolves itself. I cringe just at hearing the words "torn muscle". sounds absurdly painful.

and I'm printing the trail m form TODAY so that I remember to send it in! yay!

The Clyde said...

I hear you on the leg pain, I don't know what it is, but after any run of 6-7 miles, my hammy really starts acting up (super tight and then kind of "burns" the next day). I bought new shoes, hoping that'll help, but I am hoping everything is better come Aug 5th.

Ice, stretch, repeat is going to be my strategy the next few weeks.

Looks like WI was a blast, wish I could have been there as well.

Vickie said...

I'm new here, but my $.02 on the calf thing is if it were a tear, it would sting/burn. Been there, done that. The dull ache comes while it is healing, however, so you may be at that stage. Even micro tears can take 6 weeks to fully heal, so be patient, and go easy. The only REAL cure is time off, but we all know how unrealistic that is!

Jessica Deline said...

All these injuries going around. I hope you take care of that calf problem!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

hope your calf feels better soon!

Steven said...

What happened on 800 #4? Pretty strange, that one.

Excellent job either way. You are flying these days.

Cory said...

I've never torn anything. I've pulled an ACL only. I'd be shocked you could even walk on a torn muscle. That sounds terribly painful.

Hope all gets better though.

iliketoast said...

In Yasso speak that's around the 3:10 marathon which would be pretty sweet don't you think?

The calf could be an "overuse" which required stretching, massage and heat treatment for me ... then again it might be something different.

Brian said...

Are you running in Independence on Tuesdays? I'm going to try and make it this week. Time to start getting in marathon shape again!!

Wes said...

Thanks Elizabeth. You're advice to Jessi is dead on. As a new runner, I semi-quote the penguin:

For me, victory is staring, then finishing, then looking at my time. Being able to access yours, Wil's, and Sara's blogs are big plus for me.

Keep up the good work.


IHateToast said...

you know, i was all impressed with the splits and was goin to comment on those, but then i read "spa party" and realized that hte splits are nothing compared to a spa party. have fun!

ice and ibuprofen helped me with pains. good luck.

Anne said...

Torn muscle??? That sounds serious. Be sure to take care of yourself. If it is a tear, it'll take time to heal. And sometimes pain isn't the best guide -- this from someone who just ran a marathon with a fractured hip.

Lana said...

I hate to hear that you have a torn muscle - ugh. Take care of yourself!!

I used to always think that if I had any type of injury that I'd have to stop most of my activity for awhile, but I have been pleasantly surprised at the body will heal when you cut back a little, use lots of ice and anti inflammitories. Goodluck!