Pictures speak louder than words right (or was that actions, hmm oh well)?

Photos below in order:

Post crash injuries

Saturday pics from the morning at Furians (when I caught up on almost all of my blog reading while the boys played Warhammer and I enjoyed a cup o joe) and from the rib cook off.

A few pics from this mornings/afternoons long brick with A and her new boy T.

(47 bike miles and 8- 8 minute run miles in the Steelhead bank. It's taper time folks! More details on the brick to come when I catch my breath!)

Official Clarks Lake photos.

Huge thanks to everyone for their kind concern. If I convinced one more person to wear their helmet the post was worth it! I am feeling pretty good. My neck is just a wee bit sore, but I think that is expected after 3 hours on the bike and an hour running! Fun pics of Fiona and her new style to come soon. Oh and of course my new matching helmet!


Running Jayhawk said...

Dude..after reading your blog, I am suddenly STARVING.

Nice war wound on the arm hun. Glad it healed nicely. :)

Chris said...

Mmmmm... those ribs look soooooo nummy!

(Don't mind me... I think I caught wind of your site via Trisaratop's blog. See you in Wisconsin? :) )

jeff said...

bah...i must have missed the blog change. you've been busy over here getting ready for steelhead! hope you recover quickly from the crash!

and your man plays warhammer? you and flipperhead need to talk.

Bolder said...

you are the official Queen of the Photoshare!

so much to catch up and comment on, i'm going to have to resort to hyphenated bullets:

- thankfully, you did not get hurt badly. how's your friend?
- those bbq pictures are responsible for serious drool on my keyboard. my reward for my Oly was to go to KT's BBQ, and turned out it was closed on Sundays! your photos was as close as i got
- when A needs a new one -- let me know like stat!
- i'm haveing a cup of Joe reading this... that looks like a great spot, the places i go are more commercialized.
- remind your friend, and check yours, that if you've been in a crash, you need to replace your helmet... hopefully, you had a soft landing.

Cliff said...

If anyone need convincing about wearing a helmet when cycling they can see my tooth :).

Sadly, my close friend doesn't even get the point of it. He will get a helmet for his g/f but i guess he is tOO MANLY to ride without one. Argh..

Great pics...oh now that's a bbq :O. That ain't beer. Sorry too watery for my taste.

Lastly, great race pics :)

backofpack said...

Great photos! The sunset one is gorgeous. I'm glad you're healed up and made it through that crash!

neese said...

mmm ribs :)

glad you are doing better!

Jessica Deline said...

glad you are feeling good!
And i second that... mmm ribs :)

Scott said...

Great pics (especially the sunset). Glad to hear that you're ok post crash.

Robin said...


Just got back from vacation, which included cheering at IMLP! AWESOME! Since tri season this year is ka-put, I plan to do this years’ planned races next year and then IMLP 2008! It was my 1st time at any IM race! Went to be sherpa/cheerleader for a friend and team mate! It was sooooo inspiring!

You will see me at Boston next year, for sure!

Hey – new name—“e-speed” I like it!!!!! What does the “E” stand for? Elizabeth?


Also -- nice job on the tri (your previous post)


RunBubbaRun said...

Those ribs are making me hungry, Glad you are okay from the accident. Hopefully your friend is doing well also. Can't wait to see the pic of your new helmet.

Mojo said...

Great pictures! Those ribs look mouth watering. You are my kind of chick, drinking a Bud with ribs. Yummah! :)

I'm glad you are too sore. Sounds like a killer workout though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, Kristen (Mystique) here. I wanted to thank you for your support on my livejournal. I am planning on running a 5K. I have a few looked up, mostly in October and November, ones that are in Columbus. I can let you know when they get closer and I know when my body is ready.

I am shooting for the later ones so I give myself enough time to train. I know a 5K isn't a great distance, but I was a sprinter in high school, and could never run distance. I am not really going for time, but just the mere sense of accomplishing a goal. Perhaps after I complete a race or two, I will start training to better my times.

I was wondering if you would recommend me getting specialty shoes. I was reading on about shoe choices and many people said you should to go to a specialty shoe shop and get your feet measured, etc. I am not sure how expensive that would be, but it would certainly make me even more serious about my goals.

Let me know what you think.

PS- I hope you are recovering well, and I love all the pictures on your blog!!!

Kim said...

i am OBSSESSED with ribs! SO JEALOUS!!!

Habeela said...

I'm so far behind on blogs I totally missed that you were in an accident! I'm so glad you're ok! How frightening!

Ginger Breadman said...

I love your pictures. I definitely need some of those ribs, but I'll have to talk to the organizer about upgrading to some microbeer to go with them. Your bike and run stats are hugely impressive!

qcmier said...

Glad you all are all right after the wreck.

MMMmmmm ribs....