I am more than my training log.

Wow this blog has become Boring! I swear I have more exciting things to say than how far and how fast I have run each week, I am just swamped right now. My new schedule has been rough I cannot deny it. I am barely hanging on most days by the time I get home. But I feel super fit and I am excited to get back to some real running workouts soon. Physically I am feeling great, mentally I am burning out slowly, and thankfully not from the running. Just from life's real responsibilities piled on top of the holidays and dark weather I suppose. I have a hard time accepting things that are out of my hands without worrying myself into a frenzy, and let me tell you frenzy mode hit the fan yesterday. Uggh! Here's hoping a week in Cancun coming up will rejuvenate me :)

Very much looking forward to getting to Michigan tonight to spend some time with my family before one more work week than it is vacation time!!!

But first I have a hilly 14 miler at 7 minute pace to do with my running club this morning! (and some dishes to do, some laundry to catch up on, a few hours of real work, some packing, some picking up..ha!)

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and that you can all de-stress a bit if you are feeling overwhelmed like me!

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Keen Bean Company said...

Yes - you are so much more than your training log but it is great to watch your successes in any way that you post them !

Here's to more fun together (races, twilight, hanging out) in 2011. And, that shirt - it's all yours if you would like to have it :)

Merry Christmas to you and David - have a wonderful time with your family and on your trip~~