Week 10

2 weeks to go until the Columbus Marathon! Sweet! I'm definitely getting excited for race day. We're finishing up the last few key workouts and now it's time to get my head on straight and get ready to work hard but stay relaxed on race day!

This week was solid, and helped by cool and drizzly fall weather.

Goal for the week:

Total Mileage 60

Tuesday: Track
Thursday: 8 miles @ 7:10
Wednesday and Friday easy day @ 7:50 or slower
18 miles @ 6:35 - 6:40
12 miles @ 7:20

How it played out:

63 miles

Monday- Massage and rest
Tuesday- 9.5 miles with track
Wednesday- 8 miles 8:06 pace
Thursday- 8 miles 7:00 pace
Friday- 7 miles 8:28 pace
Saturday- 12 miles 7:18 pace
Sunday- 18 miles 6:34 pace and 0.5 mile cool down

Tuesdays track workout was solid. 5*1600 targeting 5:52-5:55 with 90 second rests. Last time we did this workout I fell way off the pace in the last 2 miles. This week it felt solid the whole time. It was chilly and raining so we headed to a new track that isn't as slick.


No tempo this week with the focus being on the last hard long run. 18 miles targeting 6:35-6:40 pace. Again chilly and looked like rain, but lucked out and other than our feet we stayed dry. Skipped the regular Sunday 12 mile loop because I didn't feel like tackling our monster hill at 6:35 pace. Instead we did a 10 mile and 8 mile loop. First 10 targeting 6:40 pace and hoping to run second 8 at 6:35 with a fast finish. Ended up going out right on pace, must have been the coffee. So we were around 6:37 pace after the first 10 and it wasn't hard to get it down to a 6:34 average by the end. Not going to say it was a breeze, but it was solid, we talked the majority of the first 10 miles and the time flew by even after we stopped talking. Would love it if we could get these mid 40s temps for the marathon!

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Thomas said...

Magic long run! You are so ready for Columbus!