Week 11 Speed Training Rundown

1 more week of speed training to go then it is time to start focusing on the marathon. This week was a little more laid back. Temperatures were off the chart so just did what we could.


Total Mileage 60 - 65.

Tuesday: Track.
Thursday: Tempo run on roads 4 miles @ 6:20 pace. 1 mile @ 6:10
2 days @ 7:50 - 8:20 or slower at the end of one of these days do 4 - 6 * 100.
2 days @ 7:20 - 7:40.
Long Run: 14 miles @ 7:10

How it played out:

66 miles

Monday- Lunch ~800 meter swim in Lake Erie easy
6 miles easy 9:05 pace
Tuesday-10.5 miles with track
Wednesday-8 miles 7:36 pace bridle trails
Thursday-10 miles with tempo
Friday-9 miles 8:13 pace with 4*100 hill strides
Saturday-9 miles 7:37 pace, half trails
Sunday-14 miles 7:02 pace
PM ~ 600 meter swim in Lake Erie easy

Key workouts:

Track: Temps were out of control so we bagged whatever the planned workout was and instead did 2*800 meters with 4 minute rest at mile race pace then 10*100 strides

did the 800s in 2:31 and actually felt like I could have done a workout, but no sense in pushing it right now.

Tempo: I have a mental block on these so went into this workout with the plan of just running with NC and ignoring the watch. Well that works if her Garmin isn't on the fritz, but it was so had to look at the watch a few more times than I wanted to. We hit all the paces but the last 1.5 miles were a struggle, just felt juiced and like I was overheating. But the workout was successful so that's a plus. Need to figure out what my problem is with these, even in this case where I met the workout goals I didn't feel good about it. Maybe just because I am getting used to all the other workouts being much more controlled and these tempos it sometimes feels forced and mentally I think these paces aren't even that fast, which in turn makes it frustrating when I can't hit them.

Ave Pace

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