Struggling with Balance

I'm a bit down this week and I am sure it has a bit to do with my lack of anything resembling moderation in my lifestyle right now. I have a highly addictive personality and I find it hard to do everything in measure. When I am behaving I am Really behaving, and when I indulge, well I Really indulge.

I have been struggling with time management. For Boston I was getting a solid 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Lately I've been staying up later and I am groggy in the morning and just not as high energy. Work is dragging me down mentally and I can tell it's affecting other areas of my life. To escape I've been reading or playing video games (in excess), which are just time suckers, they are mentally stimulating, but not really solving the actual issue.

I think when all areas of your life are going well it is self serving in that everything continues to go better and better, when something gets out of whack it brings down everything else around it.

Enter my diet habits.

Since Boston I have been focusing on speed work and trying to keep things in balance rather than such an extreme focus. My weight got pretty low before Boston so I decided I should try a more moderate approach to diet and try to let everything even itself out. Well I have been creeping up on the scale since, thankfully not as fast as it came off, but enough that I can feel it, and I can see it. I want to be as strong as I can be, but I also want to try and not be so extreme as I was this spring, because I think it puts too much pressure on my performances. This turns into well one beer won't hurt or one scoop of ice cream is healthy, but I hardly ever have just one beer or just one scoop of ice cream. So I am contemplating how I am going to proceed with my diet the next 12 weeks leading up to the marathon.

All of this leading up to a less than ideal week of training and I am realizing I am probably due for a bit of a break mentally and physically. I need to recharge and get back on track but try to do it with some moderation.

So starting today I am going to try and start putting back together my carefully balanced house of cards that is my life after this brief crash. Wish me luck ;)


kccat said...

Sometimes we all need some time to recoup from life. Take care of yourself. It is easy to get sucked into a hole and it can be hard to make your way out of it sometimes. The good thing is that you have realized it now and not later. I am sure you will get back on track soon but don't kill yourself mentally and/or physically trying to do it. Chin up!

Keen Bean Company said...

Hugs to you. Your focus is incredible and you will put all the pieces in place to rock your marathon. I hope your journey to restoring balance is an easy one.

Mark said...

You are an awesome runner! It's very difficult to stay on the peak all the time...

Josh said...

Sending positive vibes your way. Good luck.