Another Weekly Rundown

I need to get another post up here because that last one is depressing! In an attempt to not be so hard on myself I have decided on the eating front I am going to try and exercise moderation and I am going to stay off the scale so I can't over analyze every half pound gained or lost. This is a big step for me as I am OCD so we'll see how that goes!

On the training front, last week was a bit lighter in anticipation of racing the Johnnycake Jog, and the week didn't go well so this next week will be light too in hopes to transition into marathon training mentally and physically fresher.

Original Plan for the week was:

Total Mileage 55 - 60.

Tuesday: Track.
Thursday: Tempo run on roads 6 miles @ 6:20 pace.
2 days @ 7:50 - 8:20 or slower at the end of one of these days do 4 - 6 * 100.
1 days @ 7:20 - 7:40.
Saturday: Pre race day 4 - 5 miles easy.
Sunday: Johnny Cake Jog plus warmup and warmdown.

After a horrible tempo Thursday we decided to bail on Fridays run though so mileage ended up a little low.

How it played out:

53 miles for the week

Monday- 8 miles 8:24 pace
Tuesday- 10.5 miles track with mile time trial
Wednesday- 8 miles 8:08 pace with 4*100 strides
Thursday- 10 miles with failed tempo
Friday- off
Saturday- 4 miles trails easy
Sunday- 2.5 mile warm up with strides, 5 mile race, 5 mile cool down

Key workouts:


1 mile time trial in 5:17. A shiny new mile PR, but I can't lie I thought it should be faster, but don't think I could have done anything more, maybe went out a bit harder the first lap. Splits were around 75, 2:35, 3:56, 5:17

Followed that up with 4*800 and 2*400. My right hamstring was a little pissed towards the end, but otherwise a really solid workout.

800s in: 2:50.97

all with 2:30 rest

1:23.33 with 90 second rests

Thursday- aiming for 6 at 6:20, 3 miles in just toasted.

I did 3 at pace but was really struggling so I took a 2 minute walk and tried to start back up on my own, couldn't get the pace down so I turned when MR and NC were coming back and restarted the watch and did one mile with them, the last minute of it was torture and I was falling off so I called it after that.


2 minute walk
0.35 at 7:39 pace


Race- Hot morning, don't think I ran to my potential but don't think I could have run any harder, maybe went out a hair fast the first mile. Report to follow.

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