Weekly Rundown 5 weeks to Boston

Just another fantastic week, I really have no clue how I am pulling it off. Weight loss has tapered and I am sitting within my target 4 lb range and happy with that. If I can get it to the bottom of my goal that would be great but with how good I am feeling I am not going to worry about that. Just focusing on maintaining this light feeling and high energy level I have going. Had a massage Friday and the therapist said my legs felt way better than normal, crazy considering I have just been piling it on the past few weeks. Only trouble areas were my shoulders (as usual) and my lower back and hips. Working on keeping them stretched and happy the next few weeks leading into Boston!

March 8th-14th-81 miles

Monday- 8.5 miles easy with 4*100 strides 8:51 pace
Tuesday- 10.72 miles with fartlek workout 6:55 pace
Wednesday- AM 5.16 easy miles 8:35, Lunch 8.43 miles 7:50 pace
Thursday- 9.42 miles 6:58 pace with 6 mile tempo
Friday- AM 5 miles easy 8:42 pace, Lunch 7.4 miles easy 8:35 pace
Saturday- ~3.75 miles sporadic pace cheering and running around at St Malachi
Sunday- 22 miles 6:53 pace and half mile cool down 8:10 pace

Key Workouts Summary:

Tuesday Fartlek- Goal 2 miles 6:30 pace, 4*400 1:30-1:32 with 2 minute rest, 1600 6:15 or faster, 4*400 with 2 min rests at 1:30-1:32, 2 miles 6:30. Legs just felt stellar and only the last 2 miles were a struggle.

0.45 mile warm up 8:16 pace
2 min rest 7:48 pace
2 min rest 7:42 pace
2 min rest 7:39 pace
2 min rest 7:48 pace
2 min rest 8:04 pace
2 min rest 8:32 pace
2 min rest 7:58 pace
2 min rest 7:51 pace
2 min rest 8:06 pace
2 min rest 8:04 pace
.76 mile cool down 8:43 pace

Thursday Tempo- Goal 6 miles at 6:30 or faster. Ran this with NC, upper body felt relaxed and the pace was doable, mental focus was a little off, and it felt like time had just stopped, not the best "feeling" workout but obviously hitting the target paces so I am happy with it.


Sunday Long Run-

Hands down best long run so far. Took it out easy aiming for 7:10 or faster for 22 miles today and felt comfortable at 6:50 for most miles including much of the uphill work. Last 4 miles were the fastest of the day. Hoping this is a good sign leading into Boston!


Love2Run said...

710 becomes 650's? Wow, looking really good for Beantown! But you know the drill, the race doesn't start there until mile 16...

Lloyd said...

Very nice. No wonder you were nowhere in sight this morning. Good job.

Thomas said...

You're in fantastic shape! But my Boston marathon last year taught me that the most important factor is the ability of your quads to withstand the early downhill miles. I was doing great in the first half of that race, but when my quads felt like tearing themselves apart before the 15 mile mark, it became clear very quickly that pure fitness alone is not enough on that course. Make sure you're better prepared than I was.

E-Speed said...

Thanks for the confidence guys ;) This will be my 5th Boston and 20th marathon and the past year has included the best training I have ever done. The way I feel right now is a great testament to the training plan my coach put together for me. The base training is paying off right now in that I can put in these hard miles and the quads are still holding up to the speed and hills.

I have full confidence my body will be ready come race day. Weather etc is out of my control but given a good day I have full confidence I am ready to achieve my goals.

And if the quads do go at mile 12, it will be nothing new, been there done that in 2008 and it was still a successful (PR) day. I am honestly looking forward to this being the first marathon that I don't look like a cripple by the finish. Youngstown hills from last week did nothing to my quads and usually I am a wreck after that race.

All that said still have to stay healthy for 5 more weeks :)

E-Speed said...

yikes I stand corrected, Boston will be my 19th marathon not 20th. I think it is bad when you start losing count!

DC Running Mama said...

You sound like you are in AWESOME shape for Boston! Woohoo! You're such an inspiration!