3 Weeks to Boston

Another fantastic training week in the bank. Not quite as zippy as last week, but coach instructed me to cool it a bit, no need to be breaking speed records on the long run every week. Much to say about how I feel (Great!) and preparing for taper and race day, but I need to go watch the Cavs play so that will have to wait. Until then here's a quick stats report!

March 22nd-28th-80 miles

Monday-8 miles 8 minute pace
Tuesday-10.5 miles with track workout
Wednesday-AM 4.4 miles 7:27 pace, Lunch 8 miles 8 minute pace
Thursday- 9 miles 7:00 pace including 5 mile tempo
Friday-Lunch Run 8.4 miles 8:00 pace, PM Recovery Run 4 miles 9 minute pace
Saturday- 8 miles at 7:24 pace
Sunday- 20 miles at 7:05 pace

Key Workouts:

Tuesday Track

4*100 strides, 4*1200 with 3 min rest, 1600 stride straights, jog curves, 4:23,4:21,4:20,4:17,6:37

Thursday Tempo

Coach instructed me to do whatever I could hold even but try and get it between 5 mile race pace effort and my normal tempo since we don't have any more races before Boston. He wanted me to feel good about it and know that I could go even faster in a race. Got myself a little PR on the tempo and felt nice and controlled so I was really happy with this workout (even though it was in the snow!)


Sunday Long Run

Coach said to cool it on the 6:50s and keep it closer to 7:10 today. Between 7 and 7:10 was fine as long as it was easy and conversational. Legs felt great and although stomach was a little iffy (Mexican Fiesta party last night) the run went great. My training friend NC joined in for the fun and it was her first 20, it was nice to help her get in her first 20 while getting my last long workout accomplished before Boston. The weather gods once again smiled down upon my long run this week and the rain held off until we finished. Next week it is looking to warm up around here, so that should be interesting for my marathon paced effort!

On a side note after 5 straight days of ice baths the hamstring and psoas feel great! (knock on wood) So mission get healthy is accomplished and mission stay healthy has begun!


Love2Run said...

You've had a fantastic build, like your coach says, hold back till the big day!

Lloyd said...

You're going to rock it, E. It will be fun to watch.

Also, our long run strategies couldn't be much more different. I aim for 8s but trust in the weekly workouts to get me there.

It will interesting to see how it all unfolds.