4 weeks to Boston...

and feeling fine :) Training is still going swimmingly and yesterday I hit my target race weight so now it is all about healing a few little twinges and maintaining weight and fitness for the next 1-2 weeks of hard training and then staying fresh mentally and physically through taper.

Bought my race shoes this morning and they feel fast, getting super stoked!

March 15th-21st 77 miles. Goal for the week was to get in track, tempo, long run sub 7 pace, two easy days, one high 7 day, and one low 7 day totalling 70-75 miles.

Monday- 8.25 miles easy 8:20 pace
Tuesday-10 miles with track workout
Wednesday-AM 5 miles 7:48 pace, Lunch 8 miles 7:58 pace
Thursday- 9 miles with 6 mile tempo 7:00 pace
Friday- AM 4.5 miles easy 8:36 pace, Lunch 8 miles with 6*25 second hill sprints at end 8:00 pace
Saturday- 8 miles 7:14 pace
Sunday- 16 miles 6:46 pace

Key workouts:

Tuesday track mile warm up 7:40-7:50 target, 4*100 strides, 4*800 with 2:30 rest, 2*400 with 90 second rest, 2*200 jog/200 stride, 5 minutes rest, 1600 aiming for even pace effort whatever you can hold even

First night back out on the track, and man did it feel good! I was a little conservative with the paces because I hadn't been running that fast on the roads, but the effort just felt really good/steady and I had one of my fastest track workouts, and definitely my best closing mile on a track workout ever.


Thursday Tempo: Targeting 6 miles at 6:30 or faster. Solo on Marginal miles 0-2.5 with wind, 2.5 to 5 into wind, last mile with the wind


Sunday Long Run: Targeting 16 miles at 7 or faster.

Given we were up late last night, ate party food all day, and stayed at our friends I was not expecting much from this run, surprise surprise I really felt great and easily was running 6:45s for most of the run and was still able to run the last few miles the fastest by myself after my company shot off to get to church.

Only glitch is yesterday climbing hills in n.chagrin my left psoas started to act up, and I could feel it again today. I would have liked to have done an ice bath yesterday but just didn't have time, so today I will get in the ice bath and do some self massage on that and my left hamstring which acted up the last 3 miles today, I think from dodging traffic with a little jump (I know idiot!), so hopefully nothing severe, and just one of those little niggles I can fix with ice and massage.


DC Running Mama said...

Looking great for Boston!!

DaisyDuc said...

Wow...you really did fantastic given your less than ideal Saturday! Always good to see you and David!

Viper said...

Been following your lead-up to Boston. Good luck with the next month. Some very impressive training so far. Cheers!

Julia said...

Your running times are looking amazing!! I hope the psoas heals quickly - you deserve an amazing race at Boston.

solarsquirrel said...

You are getting SOOOOOOOO fast!!! I'm seriously in awe! YOu are going to CRUSH any old PR at Boston. I'm so excited for you!!!!!

Black Knight said...

In Boston there are not anymore white flags to surrender! Have mercy.