Weekly Rundown

What's that, yep I am still chugging along. I feel like I got run over by a truck this weekend but I am still getting in the workouts.

We are currently in a 5-6 week building phase. Basically no really hard stuff, but no really easy stuff either, just a bunch of steady miles.

Saturday was Christmas Candy Making day, and Sunday helped out the in-laws to get their house ready to go on the market. I was absolutely physically wasted by Sunday evening. Truth be told I needed quite a few cups of coffee just to survive Sunday and Monday morning I woke up to whole body soreness and bruises everywhere. Who knew cleaning, packing, painting etc was so brutal?

With 70-75 miles on tap this week there is no rest for the weary. Let's hope I survive! My right calf has been a little tender but was feeling better yesterday and Sunday my left knee flared up, likely from doing hills Saturday and Sunday and from icy footing Sunday. Hopefully just overworked quads and I can ice/stretch my way back to health. I have a massage scheduled for Friday which should help too.

I am struggling with the mental math of getting in more than 65 miles a week while working 40 hours and not doing any runs longer than 12 miles on the weekend. It just isn't adding up for me right now, especially since I am not a morning person and have a hard time starting the day off with a run. I am going to need to suck it up and start getting in some doubles because I can't get in 9-10 miles at lunch every day. Which means I need to get out of bed and get running first thing despite the cold outside and the nice cozy bed I'd rather be in.

All of that to say I am still running, I am feeling worn down, but I am pushing through!

December 7th-December 13th- 62 miles

The weather took it's toll on my goals paces last week and I did not end up getting in two runs in the low 7s like I intended. New goal is to get in the first low 7 workout the first day of the week with decent weather regardless of schedule/plans. I really would like to avoid having to do low 7s on the treadmill. The other planned low 7 workout is always Sunday so if weather is bad that is out of my control, but I can at least get in one quality day a week, even in Cleveland winter :)

Monday-7 miles 7:36 pace (154 bpm)

Tuesday-8.25 miles 7:42 pace (154 bpm)
(hip workout and 20 push ups)

Wednesday-6 miles treadmill 8:00 pace
(hip workout, 20 push ups, core workout, and light upper body)

Thursday-9 miles, 8:09 pace (150 bpm) *Extreme wind on marginal

Friday-9 miles 7:28 pace (156 bpm) (ran with CV, intended for this to be low 7s, but it was windy and my legs felt sluggish, Final 2 miles were under 7:15)
(hip workout, 20 push ups, core workout)

Saturday-11 miles, 7:30 pace with NC (162 bpm)

Sunday-12 miles, 7:39 pace (163 bpm) (several miles under 7:15 when footing was normal)

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The Salty One said...

What about doing something like 10 on Sa and then 12 am and 5 pm on Sunday or something like that? Then mid-week you can do 3 x 8 miles and then 2 x 6 am; 6 pm. It's always fun when 8's a short day!